05.15.2016 FOY Painted Trillium

While hiking along Dean Brook yesterday, I found my first favorite of the year.  I had looked in what is a usually reliable spot and found none.  This was a nice surprise.

Painted-Trillium-FOY-051316-960I am sure the reliable location is just a bit late, so I am also sure I will be posting more.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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10 Responses to 05.15.2016 FOY Painted Trillium

  1. A real beauty. Joanna promises to take me on a wildflower walk this afternoon … we’ll see what turns up and hope that the weather holds I like the shadowing effect you’re using … a bit better than the framing you’ve been experimenting with. Having the copyright notice outside the image works well too. Heavy rains last evening, how about you?

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    • I think different effects work for different images. Certain lights just seem to glow and pop more with a dark frame while others, such as this, look better with just the shadow giving the appearance of floating above the background.

      I hope you and Joanna find some lovely flowers. I was hoping for that this morning, but we are receiving strong breezes and winds today, so no photographs. Maybe tomorrow. I worked a couple of landscapes. We’ll see about those.

      We were forecast for heavy rain overnight, but it appears we saw nary a drop. Chance of showers tonight.


      • You often use slow shutter speeds to let flowing water turn soft, so I’m wondering if you’ve tried the same approach with wildflowers in the wind. If so, and if you like the results, it would be a way to profit from windy days rather than having to sit them out.

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      • I have seen that done by many, just like camera movement images of trees and flowers, but it doesn’t appeal to me. It certainly does open opportunity on windy days. Maybe it will grow on me some day.


  2. shoreacres says:

    I really like the shadowing. Of course, I’m not much of a fan of black framing, so that’s purely personal preference at work.

    The trillium is beautiful — I’m sure finding it gave you a thrillium. It’s funny how flowers appear — or don’t — in given spots. I searched for rain lilies this year in places where I’ve always found them, and nary a flower was seen. Then, I went down to Galveston to photograph coreopsis in a cemetery there, and found — rain lilies. You never know: which is part of the fun.

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    • I have a friend who has everything matted in black. I am not sure it suits every image, but some seem to shine with that as the frame.

      Yes, a thrillium for sure. I am sure that they will be where expected along with the lady’s slippers that grow there as well. I do like dependability, but surprises are nice too.


  3. Steve this one is beautiful. I love the color of the brown leaves which highlights the flower to an advantage.

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    • Thanks, Yvonne. Since these grow most often with the flowers facing up toward the sky, it’s a bit easier to get the leaf litter as a pleasant background which is a good complement for the contrast of the dark green leaves and brilliant white flower.

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  4. Beautywhizz says:

    Stunning flower. Thanks for sharing.

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