02.20.2016 I’m Baaack

I never really left, but I have been printing and matting images for my upcoming exhibit  at the Amherst Town Hall.  Here is a link to the Facebook page, which I believe anyone can view whether a member or not.  It is to be there for the months of March and April with an Arts Walk reception on March 3rd (and probably April 7th as they are the first Thursday of each month).  The last 5 matted prints are now in the hands of Tom at Hadley Picture Framing.  All I have left to do is make labels, an artist’s statement (shudder), and figure out what refreshments to serve. What do you think?  Pigs in blankets?  Caviar?  🙂

It was fairly mild here this morning and I thought that the ice might have a melty look, but at Chapel Brook Falls in Ashfield, MA it wasn’t bad at all.  Yesterday we had 10°F and I almost froze my fingers off at Buffam Falls (to follow soon) but this morning was nice and all I had to worry about was the snow melting onto my camera from the trees above.

Here is the first of the images from this morning’s shoot.

Chapel-Falls-1-022016-960I debated about color or monochrome, but I like the hints of color in the water and the brownishness within the frosty ice above isn’t too bad.

And…although I forgot until the last minute which had the sun high enough for uneven lighting, I did make a video so you could hear the water.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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29 Responses to 02.20.2016 I’m Baaack

  1. I agree, the subtle colors in this shot are nice. ( Well, I would think that, wouldn’t I?) I like how you have captured so many textures in the photo. And the video~what a refreshing sound 🙂 I like that shot, too, with the trees just hinted at.

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  2. Jim Ruebush says:

    Ice and cold. We had mid 50s today with NO WIND!!!

    I suggest serving Little Smokies in BBQ sauce with toothpicks.

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    • shoreacres says:

      There are people who argue for a mix of current or grape jelly and barbeque sauce, but crushed pineapple, chili sauce and Little Smokies in a chafing dish was pure 1960s suburban, Iowa socializing. They were good, too. I believe today they’d be called a “guilty pleasure.”

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      • Jim Ruebush says:

        That does sound ‘interesting’, maybe good. We have potlucks for our rather large family at holiday gatherings. Some bring hams, turkey, veggies, pies, treats, etc. There are often appetizers. One year we brought the smokies and bbq. They disappeared quickly. 🙂

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      • shoreacres says:

        That would be “currant,” of course — although I suppose it could mean whatever you currently have in the pantry.


    • I don’t think my health conscious wife will approve those. They do sound tasty, especially with the list of dipping sides that Linda mentions..


  3. The ice is beautiful and the sound of the water is relaxing. I like the video very much.

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  4. Gallivanta says:

    Love the light and sound in the video ( a mini ‘son et lumière’ ). Sorry I can’t make it to the exhibition. 😦

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  5. Congratulations for the exhibit ! Big achievement ! 🙂

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  6. shoreacres says:

    I’m glad to see that it’s going to be hanging for two months. You’re putting in a lot of effort, and it would be a shame for it to only be available for two weeks or a month, as sometimes happens around here.

    I’m glad you opted to keep the color. The hints of blue and green, as well as the brown, are lovely, and I think make the photo more interesting. It adds to the remarkable textural variety, and make the overall impression more pleasing — in my opinion, of course.

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    • Most of my shows have been for just one month, and one was just for an evening (at Mary Beth’s church). Two months is nice although I am surprised as the venue is in demand.
      I really liked the subtlety of the greenish foam and there was no thought of converting this one even though the texture of the ice did sort of call out for it. In this case, your opinion and mine are in sync.


  7. (Hint, hint) I like the color.

    For those of us who can’t make it all the way up there, perhaps after the opening you can post some photos showing what the exhibit looks like.

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  8. Lyle Krahn says:

    All the best with your exhibit. It would be fun to go if you were closer.

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  9. tomwhelan says:

    Happy exhibit and opening! I’ll save the video for later.

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  10. Sorry that I’ve been slow to respond here. Perhaps you’ve been too busy to check in … with all of your preparations for the upcoming exhibit. Congratulations, by the way. I tried the FB link … and thought I might see some of the show’s content! I should have to attend to see the images but I don’t think I’m planning a trip to western, MA anytime soon. Keep the videos coming … I like them. D

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    • As nice as it would be to meet you, I don’t think a drive down here just for the exhibit is in the offing and sensibly so.
      Yeah, the preparations and interior house painting have kept me busy. I’ve been slow to respond to the comments here as well as on the posts of others. Trying to catch up before work this morning.
      The only problem is remembering to make the videos. I get so zoned in to making the stills that I am sometimes half-way home when I think of moving pictures.
      I guess you must have seen one picture from the exhibit ( imagine the work by Mussorsky here).There will be more once it is set up.


  11. I absolutely love this. It puts me in mind of a fairytale. I think the natural bronze tint totally makes the shot, actually. And thank you for including a video! Delightful.

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