12.21.2015 Enfield Lookout Dawn over Quabbin Valley and Mount Monadnock

Sorry for my absence.  I took a blogging break for the past week, but not from photography.  Yesterday morning was a beaut.

Mount-Monadnock and-Quabbin-Valley-from-Enfield-Lookout-122015-700WebHave a great week as we approach Christmas and its rare full moon.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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22 Responses to 12.21.2015 Enfield Lookout Dawn over Quabbin Valley and Mount Monadnock

  1. shoreacres says:

    You know I always look at the water first, and this seems a little unusual. It looks less like wind-on-water than like tidal flow, or the remnants of a wake moving through the water. In any case, it’s lovely, and I like the way the long, horizontal lines of the water are reflected in the stretched-out clouds.

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    • That’s a combination of wind and cloud reflection. When I first started processing I thought it was noise but just some odd wind blown waves and reflections. The water in this area quite often has an odd appearance. No boats allowed in this part of the reservoir to create wakes.


      • shoreacres says:

        I thought that was the case (re: the boats) but waves can travel some distance, and will funnel into areas like you show. It still doesn’t look like wind to me, but of course I don’t know anything about Yankee waters, or how they behave. 🙂


      • Quabbin is quite large, 25,000 acres of water surface, and the waves can be quite large at times.


  2. I know you’re an early bed-goer, but tonight at 11:48 ET the winter solstice arrives.

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  3. Like shoreacres I too am having difficulty with the patterns on the water. Was it windy? It looks (in the foreground and in the background) as though it might have been. In between, though, it does look like a wake, tidal flow, or swell? I like the way the birches announce their presence up front. The place looks deserted but I’m guessing there are lake-side cottages beneath the trees? Nice feeling of movement too.

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    • I explained the water patterning above to Linda. It was windy.

      The place is indeed deserted. Not voluntarily…in the late 20s into the 30s the valley below was more or less taken, the property owners received unfair compensation, and flooded after pretty much all structures were moved or destroyed and burned. Across the highway from what is now Quabbin Park is the collective cemeteries. No structures near the water’s edge now.


  4. Yup, this is a beaut. I like how the airy, linear birches balance the darker masses.

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  5. Just Rod says:

    I just like it! Thanks Steve
    And best wishes this special season

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  6. Love those dark and mysterious trees. They add a great deal to the pattern of the water.

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    • Thanks, Yvonne. I just tried to respond to your recent post, but the link did not work. When I did get there, comments were turned off. Lovely examples of cat behavioral response.

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      • Yes, I turned off comments. I’ve lost 2-3 folks as commenters who used to comment on every post. This way there is no pressure on anyone to comment since apparently folks have grown tired of reading about cats, dogs and butterflies. I just know that I never missed any posts on these folks and they posted often and one posted just about every day. But that is life. 🙂 Maybe I ticked them off with my comments but then I’ll never know. 🙂

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      • Too bad about losing those folks, but you do receive lots of comments. Who could get tired of dogs and cats and butterflies…especially dogs? 🙂

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      • Well we are perhaps in the minority. Lottie told me via FB that my post would not load. Maybe there is a reason why I lost those people. But I faithfully commented on every post those bloggers put out for the past two and some were three years. Now I shall put the topic to bed and not write of it again.

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  7. Jim Ruebush says:

    I like the color of the sky and the depth from the nearby trees to the distant mountain.

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  8. Wow. There are so many layers to this image: the beautiful pink sky, the blues and grays of the hills and trees, and those amazing ripples in the water. Fabulous.

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