11.26.2015 Full Beaver Moonrise

While waiting in the dark last night, I made an image of the Earth’s shadow below the Belt of Venus.

Belt of Venus and Earth Shadow-112515-700Web

As time went by, I realized that the buckle I was hoping for on the belt wasn’t going to happen.  The color faded before the moon rose.  There were some thin clouds forming on the horizon and once the Full Beaver Moon did rise, it offered a somewhat different view.  More like a Moon Flambé, I think.

Full-Beaver-Moon-over-Prescott-Peninsula-112515-700WebI looked upwards at 4:30 this morning and saw mostly clouds with just an occasional veiled peek at the moon.  The sky said “No moon for you”.  Guess I must have asked with some attitude.    (Seinfeld reference)   🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone or just Happy Thursday (you can give thanks anyway).  😉


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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27 Responses to 11.26.2015 Full Beaver Moonrise

  1. You must be tired! These images are beautiful and I agree, that moon looks flambe’. I’ve seen the sky look like that in the evening..is that what I’m seeing?! I had no idea.
    A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Steve!

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  2. Dina says:

    Gorgeous images!
    happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Stephen!

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  3. Lyle Krahn says:

    Beautiful. Enjoy your thanksgiving!

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  4. The second photo is unbelievably beautiful. I’ve never seen one quite like this one. I think it is exceptional and one that should be printed.

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  5. Gallivanta says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. How strange to see the full moon surrounded by a flaming halo; it gave the added advantage of the long reflection on the water.

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  7. beautiful images Stephen 🙂

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  8. krikitarts says:

    I’d say that was an apt reward for your patience and foresight. Happy indeed!

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  9. shoreacres says:

    I so love the Belt of Venus, I assumed that was the primary attraction. Then, I saw the second photo. Oh, my. Both are lovely, and I do like that long reflection on the water. You’re a lucky man, for sure.

    I was gone from Tuesday-Saturday, and the entire time it was dismal: cloudy, gray, drizzly, or rainy. There was just enough break in the clouds one night to get a bit of moon, but after an hour of watching scudding clouds, and always being about two seconds too late, I decided I’d had enough of night photography and gave up. My admiration for you photographers is growing, that’s for sure.

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    • I am happy that you enjoyed them, Linda. I did consider myself lucky for sure. I also remembered your liking of the Belt, so anticipated sharing that with you.

      I have had trips/vacations like that and they are less than enjoyable. Even when making the best of it, there is still some disappointment. I hope that you at least were in good company. I had the same experience with the moon the following morning. Just momentary peeks.


  10. It may not have been what you were going for, but I think these images are beautiful. I love that soft pink in the sky in the first image and that amazing halo around the moon in the second. I’m also quite fond of the glow of the moon on the water.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Steve!

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