11.20.2015 Island at the End

Most of my images of Atherton Brook, which is inside Quabbin’s Gate 15 in Shutesbury, are of cascades.  Following to the end of the road gets us to the mouth of the brook and the reservoir with this little sand bar island that is most likely a leftover of sand and rocks from the days of construction.

Island-in-Fog-at-Quabbin,-Gate-15-052111-700WebClicking twice, I believe, will yield a much larger view.  This is one of my favorite Quabbin images.  I may have posted this a few years back, not sure, but I reprocessed it and converted to black and white, so  a little different if I did.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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14 Responses to 11.20.2015 Island at the End

  1. This is a more-subdued panorama than any I remember ever seeing. Its subtlety is effective.

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  2. Jackson says:

    This is really wonderful, Steve, perfect blend of the abstract and the concrete. The big bird in the tree is a really nice bonus detail.

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  3. shoreacres says:

    Three clicks gave me a very large image, and with every enlargement, I liked it more. The largest size required scrolling, of course, but it also gave the image the feel of a Victorian yard-long. I could see it framed that way: very long, very narrow, and very elegant. Beyond all that, it’s an extraordinarily peaceful scene.

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    • I have framed it but not quite as large as you suggest, Linda. I may yet do that. Spending time at Quabbin is generally peaceful, but when a fog rolls in definitely. As in many other parts of the watershed, the only sound is that of birds and in this case a raven.
      That you mention scrolling reminds me…one of my favorite art forms is the Chinese landscape scroll.


  4. Very different image from you. I would like it better in color but then I am not one to fancy a different kind of art. Narrow minded probably fits me best.

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    • That surprises me, Yvonne. You usually like B&W. But this just barely had any color and many folks thought it was already B&W so I figured go with the crowd. 🙂

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      • I suppose I would have like it if I could see more detail. I need cataract surgery so that might he affecting my ability to see that particular photo. I do prefer a B&W rendition of most photos but some things just seem better in color. In fact I could hardly see this photo. I have no idea what the problem was.


      • Did you click twice, Yvonne? It gets quite a bit larger and easier to see. Linda said it required scrolling on a smaller screen, but maybe that will work for you. It is light in color and without much contrast, so maybe that is why it is hard to see.
        I hope you get your cataracts fixed soon. Doesn’t Medicare take care of that for you? I’ve a small one that hasn’t changed in several years, but I know that some day it will need to be dealt with.

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      • Steve, I have plenty of insurance-Medicare and NALC through my government job. Thr issue according ti my MD is that since I did not get the afib fixed I’m considerda poor candidate. My Cardio put me at 1%risk. I think that is far better than lots of people. I’m going to change eye MDs and to find out more.


      • It always makes sense to get a second opinion. Good luck!

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