09.06.2015 Enfield Lookout at Sunrise

Kind of a misleading title.  Sunrise was a few minutes before this shot, but the park didn’t open until almost 6:30…the sign says that’s when the gates open but they usually are a little earlier.  Also, we are looking north and, as most of you are aware, that’s not where the sun rises. Often the sky is nicer in a non-easterly direction.

So I have these two images.  Do you have a preference?

Enfield-Lookout-Dawn-Sky-1-090615-700Web Enfield-Lookout-Dawn-Sky-2-090615-700WebOriginally I was going to post an insect today, but decided to go with another landscape.  It’s Sunday, a traditional day of peace, and I didn’t want to ruin your day with a fly of questionable beauty.  Maybe tomorrow.  🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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27 Responses to 09.06.2015 Enfield Lookout at Sunrise

  1. Hanna says:

    I like them both Steve and have no preference. I like your consideration regarding peace.
    Tomorrow an insect will be fine 🙂
    Happy Sunday to you too!

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  2. Lyle Krahn says:

    I prefer the second one because of the bigger colourful cloud. Which one do you prefer?

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  3. I like the second one best because I see some warmth in the water, bringing it in conversation with the sky. I agree with you. I often prefer the view away from a sunset, especially when I am standing at Illinois Beach looking out over the Lake.

    Looking forward to more bugs 🙂

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    • I see some warmth in both, but it is more noticeable in the second.
      Some of my better sunrise shots are views to the north or south, depending on the time of year and cloud positioning.
      I hope tomorrow’s doesn’t give you nightmares…it’s not a pretty one. 🙂

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  4. Jim in IA says:

    The first. There is more definition in the clouds.

    After thinking about the direction of sunrise, I believe the south pole is the only place where the sun rises due north.

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    • I agree about the distant cloud having better shape. Although it pretty much clung to the mountain the whole time I was there, the shape did some changing.
      At first I wasn’t sure about the south pole effect and still can’t quite nail it down, but that would be the only place especially, I would think, at certain times of the year and rotational position.


      • Jim in IA says:

        The sun will rise at the south pole on Sept 21 at equinox. It will remain risen until March 21 equinox when it starts winter. Looking any direction from the exact south pole will always be north. I used my desktop planetarium to view the sky from the south pole on that Sept 21 date. It shows it as north. http://bit.ly/1O74wX8

        Strange but true. No stranger than photographers being rated the most sexy. 😎


      • I can see it while the earth is titled, I guess.

        Among the sexiest. I’m not looking to step on anyone’s toes here. 🙂

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  5. Jackson says:

    I prefer the first. I think it’s because the better-defined clouds and the slightly wider view of the lake makes those shapes better echo each other. Their relationship seems more vague in #2. That extra cove in the lake in the LLC also gives it a little more depth.

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    • Totally agree, Jackson. I wasn’t as happy with the framing of the second although I prefer the overhead cloud more. Not much I could do about the distant cloud though so I do like that of the first better.


  6. Radhika says:

    I love the second one! 🙂

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  7. makingcamp says:

    I’ll go with the first photo. I like the contrast in the clouds.

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  8. Andrew says:

    Top one. Marginally better composition in my view. A better balance. Both fab though.

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  9. Number one is my preference because: there is more contrast between the hills/ mountains and the clouds just above them. Foe some reason number one also seems sharper but I’m not sure why.

    Number two has too much pinkish-orangery color and the impact of the clouds balancing the water is lost. Just my humble amateur opinion. I go with eye appeal mostly and try not to dissect why I like a particular photo.

    I think this one needs to be printed and framed and displayed.


    • Probably different lighting on the hills and different structure of the clouds give it the sharper feel, Yvonne. Some times eye appeal means just as much as an informed critique. 🙂 Thanks.


  10. Mark says:

    Well, I’ll throw in 2 cents Steve. First one simply because of the composition. Although the sky is a bit nicer in the second, the trees at the bottom of the first look more intentional.

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  11. They are both such an amazing welcome to a wonderful new day.

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  12. shoreacres says:

    I much prefer the first. I like the darker hills, and the more defined clouds. The water’s more interesting to me, too. The second feels just a little too soft, too amorphous, but that first one’s a winner in my book.

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    • Thanks, Linda. I like the cloud in the second, but everything else about the first works better for me. It’s interesting that you use “amorphous” for the second as I found the clouds (especially on the distant mountain) to be constantly changing shape, or rather shapelessness, and the top image was the one with the most definition.


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