08.23.2015 Moody View 3-Owens Pond Reflection

We had yet another foggy start to the day this morning.  I am expecting the same for tomorrow although we are not having the warm temperatures today as the last several…or we might even have some rain which was predicted for today but hasn’t happened yet.

Owens Pond is an example of a place I shoot repeatedly. During Spring and Autumn, the sun rises at the end opposite a nice opening in the trees that line the pond’s edge. On a day like today, the trees make for nice foggy silhouettes reflected in the generally calmish water with the fog wafting across the landscape.

Owens Pond Foggy-reflection--082315-700WebI am using the Moody View moniker for now.  I did find a British painter using the name for his website, so will just use the phrase as a descriptor and album name on Facebook.  I prefer having my website with my name anyway.

The next few posts will more than likely be flowers, so things will brighten up a bit.  🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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22 Responses to 08.23.2015 Moody View 3-Owens Pond Reflection

  1. Jim in IA says:

    I like the way the fog blurs the boundary between object and reflected image.

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  2. shoreacres says:

    I very much like that separation between image and reflection, too. And, I like the elongated feel of the image. It would have been nice with a shorter tree, but I don’t think it would have been as nice.

    There’s nothing better than a rolling fog. When I lived in Berkeley, I used to watch the fog come in through the Golden Gate. Sometimes it would slide in under the bridge deck, and sometimes it would curl around the top of the towers. It never was the same, and it almost always was moving. Everyone loved watching it.

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    • Conscious or unconscious echoes of Carl Sandburg:

      The fog comes
      on little cat feet.

      It sits looking
      over harbor and city
      on silent haunches
      and then moves on.


    • As so often happens, I was not looking for this at all when I noticed the reflection. I was on a flower mission, which was not very fruitful, and happened to look across the pond. Maybe it beckoned. The combination of fog and reflection just seemed so interesting and I am glad you see that also, Linda. I think the tree standing taller than its surrounds works much better than a shorter one too.

      I have seen so many wonderful images of the Golden Gate Bridge enveloped in fog with various parts peeking in and out. I visited once but did no photography then. Shame on me, I guess. I have been taking advantage of our many days of fog, more than in previous years, I think, and like watching it drift through he scenery. Rolling fog is quite nice…very much a shape shifter. I am partial to rolling thunder also.


  3. tomwhelan says:

    Extremely pretty in B&W – the tree silhouette look great against the clouds and in the reflection.

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  4. I would say thoughtful and not moody; love the black and white treatment you applied.

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  5. I like the reflected trees. Great shot. Steve.

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  6. Andrew says:

    Lovely shot Steve but it lacks something. A Beagle perhaps.

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    • Thanks, Andrew. There is a terrible lack of beagle throughout. That will be remedied soon enough. Mary Beth says springtime…but I think sooner. 🙂

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      • Andrew says:

        A beagle can never be too early Steve. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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      • When Cassie (our first) died, we got a new beagle within a few weeks. Too soon. We were still looking for Cassie and Rusty just was too different. He ended up with a nice family and we hated ourselves for giving him up, but were still too emotionally attached (plus he had some behavior issues with other people and dogs and we just weren’t ready to help him). We then waited a while and found Dixie. We waited 3 months before adopting Murphy after we lost Dixie. Losing Murphy hurt beyond anything I could imagine despite the experience with Cassie and Dixie. We’re getting better each day, but not quite there yet. I do appreciate the encouragement, though. 🙂


  7. With fog and reflection you’ve got at least a twofer.


  8. That’s beautiful! I love the fog, and reflection. I love how the same place looks different day to day, and in each season.

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