08.01.2015 Blue Hour Blue Moon

I had a plan last night.  There is a bridge over a river here in town and I wanted to catch the moon rising over the water from that bridge.  Two problems though…the moon wasn’t going to rise where I expected and the water was brown which didn’t surprise me as it has been at most times in the past. I guess I should try to find out why.

Anyway, when that wasn’t going to work I decided to go to the old standby on Mount Pollux again but it was wall-to-wall peeps and there wasn’t anywhere to park.  So I went looking around and figured to try the location in Hadley that I go to for sunrise on occasion.  I had it to myself except for one guy who stopped for a moment to get a phone shot.

Blue-Hour-Blue-Moon-073115-700WebThis is a combination of two images.  One general exposure for the scene and one for the moon.  I hope you are able to see this on a dark background as I have set my page in my preferences.  Also, I set my display to have a dark grey background to help the shadows open up when viewing images.  It’s a better way to judge images than against a bright display wallpaper.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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18 Responses to 08.01.2015 Blue Hour Blue Moon

  1. Jim in IA says:

    I clicked your post in Reader and got the usual bright white background. Another click of the image enlarged it, still on white.

    I went to your blog to view it and got the same enlarged image on white. I bumped up the scale in the browser to fill the entire screen eliminating white areas. Then, I could see the subtle details better.

    Before reading your last paragraph, I wondered why the trees weren’t showing shadows toward the camera. Then, you explained it as I read on.

    It was a beautiful bright moon as I watched the ISS go over me. https://youtu.be/zbnNACebDvo


    • Very nice that you got to see the ISS, Jim.

      AS I just mentioned to Andrew below, did you click the image once on my blog? Supposedly the background should be dark grey which I selected as I designed the blog.


      • Jim in IA says:

        I did click it once and only got a white background while using a desktop computer and Chrome browser.

        The iPad using Chrome browser filled the screen with the image. I dragged it to see if there was a dark background. First drag, yes there was. Second drag, it was white. Can’t see the background otherwise.

        On iPad using the Reader app it filled the screen with the image. I pinched it smaller and saw a dark background. Can’t see the background otherwise.

        It appears WordPress has some challenges making content appear the same on so many different devices and screen sizes. That will likely always be a problem.


      • I have noticed that each device does render websites differently, so I am not surprised that it would be the same for WordPress blogs…and probably related websites too. I think I may start posting these deeply shadowed images with a black frame so that the illumination is more obvious.


  2. Lottie Nevin says:

    I really like how the trees frame the moon. A lovely shot Steve, I hope that you are happy with it

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  3. Andrew says:

    Lovely composition Steve but I also see a white background 😦


  4. shoreacres says:

    I get a gray background when I click the image, too — and it certainly does make the detail shine. I like the dark gray better than black, actually. But I really like the photo. It does such a nice job of capturing the magic of a brightly moonlit night.


    • Thanks, Linda.
      It just occurred to me that I had not looked at the image on my Kindle to see what was displayed on that. The image is on a white background but is well bright enough so the foreground is lit and I can see plenty of detail.
      It really was a nice evening as the temperature dropped while the moon rose into a darkening sky growing deeper blue by the moment.


  5. I think this is impressive. I see a bluish-gray background which is very pleasing to my eyes. I have cataracts that need to be “gone” but maybe that’s why I see the colors differently. Anyhow I like the image very much with the moon between tall trees. I don’t use iphones or Kindles and, refuse to go there until I am forced into submission. 🙂

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    • I’ve read in a few places about new medications that can correct cataracts, but so far there is little proof of success. I have them as well Yvonne but I am sure not to the degree that you do. For both of us, I hope that something less invasive turns up.

      I went for the iPhone once my old Nokia needed replacing. I held off on the Kindle for a few years but now use it to read at bedtime. Does a good job of putting me to sleep. 🙂

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      • I had not heard of other treatment options. I will ask my eye MD about them. I had put off the surgery at eye Doc’s request so that I could be cleared by my cardiologist. I was cleared last January but I forgot to tell Eye MD and now I am overdue for eye appt. So much to keep going here that I meet myself coming and going here most of the time. Virtually two years of being ill put me waaaay behind. Now, I have no idea how I managed to keep my pets afloat with my puny self and a helper 5 hours per day M-F.

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      • Most likely an MD will be skeptical and many times with good reason. A lot of these remedies are not always reliable. But maybe the time will come when we won’t need as much surgery.

        Life can sure be hectic, but your health comes first, of course.

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