07.10.2015 Harvard Pond Sunrise-2

A few moments earlier than my previous post.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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23 Responses to 07.10.2015 Harvard Pond Sunrise-2

  1. This is very pretty with the foggy air and the refection of the sun in the water. Looks so quiet and a bit mysterious.

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    • This is a wonderful spot that is often foggy which does lend mystery to an image.and, at 5:00 am it is pretty quiet. 🙂
      It’s about a 45 minute drive so when I go here I have to rise pretty early during the summer. I may wait on sunrise shots now until autumn. 🙂

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  2. Jim in IA says:

    I have a sunrise view out my window now. There is no reflection in mine off the pavement. I like your view more.

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  3. shoreacres says:

    I like this closer view. In fact, I prefer it over the more expansive view. I’m especially taken with what I assume to be floating needles/leaves from the trees. Whatever they are, they tie the water and the land together beautifully. As a plus, you’ve managed to make the air itself nearly visible because of the fog, so there you are: earth, air, water, and fire in one fine photo.

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    • Oh boy…if I need a title for this you’ve supplied it. Earth, air, fire and water. Thanks! 🙂

      There are all sorts of things floating out there. Leaves, needles, grasses and lily pads. They do fit well in this. Ordinarily I would have preferred clear water, but they are a nice addition that does work well.


  4. Jackson says:

    Perfect shot, Steve! That reflected sun is surreal.

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  5. quabbinite says:

    No matter how many times one might visit this spot, no matter the number of pictures taken from the same patch of soil and facing the same angle, you can always find a new perspective not seen before. Love this place!

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  6. Ooh, misty is mystical here.

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  7. My dad died a few weeks ago, and in with all of the grief there are problems with the estate. Then last night my sister, who is staying at the house, called to say a man came claiming to be our dad’s friend and wanting to get inside the house. Did I mention the house is out in the country, entirely remote? I am blinking into a grey morning after a sleepless night, and am feeling reassured. Your photo makes me feel that all is not scary and dark.


    • I am so sorry about you losing your dad, Melissa. It is something we all know will happen but that knowledge does nothing to help with the loss.

      That sounds very creepy. I hope she didn’t let him in or even meet with him. I know that, especially in NYC, people get calls when folks see a loved one’s obituary in the paper. Most often it is just to try to get their apartment which is a prized possession and at a premium. But often it is to take advantage of the grief.

      I am happy that my image gives you a little relief from the difficult time.


    • Are things going a little better now?


      • Thank you for asking, Steve. I’ve been surprised at the refusal of the bank to cooperate, which ties up the funds to repair the house and whatnot, but I think there is forward movement.


      • People think small town banks are better than the big guys, and they probably are. But their first concern is still to share as little money as possible and the longer they hang on to whatever is coming to you the more they will earn with your money. I hope things start to move quickly rather than in small increments, Melissa. You would think that under the circumstances they’d have a heart.

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  8. Magnificent view – what a special moment!

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