06.08.2015 Buckland

I took a ride to Hawley Bog in hopes of early pitcher plants and Clintonia/Blue Bead Lily.  Still too early.  I took an alternate route home through Buckland and came across this scene.  My first impulse was to zoom in on the two birches in the distance, but upon seeing the two clumps of daisies I noticed the repetition of pairs along with the angles of grasses and ferns.

Clesson-Brook-Road,-Buckland-060715Ideally there would be just a touch more to see above the trees, but I framed as high as I could without having the bright white sky interfere.  If I had a ladder with me I could have composed from the top of my car and improved the angle.  I guess that is just one of a bunch of differences between Ansel and me.

27journeys600from Google…original photo by Cedric Wright.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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16 Responses to 06.08.2015 Buckland

  1. shoreacres says:

    No ladder? Slacker! (I’m just teasing, of course.) I think the decision to include the daisies was a good one. And, I very much like the alternating waves of grasses and that yellow-green whatever. It’s a lovely, restful image.

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    • I thought the three elements made a nice composition. If I have a complaint it would be that the wide angle lens causes the trees to recede and appear somewhat smaller than they are in reality. Photography is not reality anyway so I like it. 🙂
      The yellow green are ferns..
      I do have a ladder, but it didn’t make the trip. Slacker indeed!


      • shoreacres says:

        So… I took off for a short little trip this past week, and at one point, I found myself pondering climbing up on the hood of my car. Then I remembered this post. Maybe I do need to keep my short ladder in the back seat.


      • If there is room and it’s not in the way then definitely. I am now carrying a five foot step stool with a nice large upper step so I don’t have to concentrate too much on where I keep my feet. It just fits in the back of my small SUV and allows me to get a little loft in my views. 🙂


  2. Jim in IA says:

    Very nice composition there, Steve. I doubt you could have done better on top of the car. Although, it is a clever idea.

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    • Thanks, Jim. The composition would have been mostly the same, but the higher angle would have allowed me to include a little more of the most distant trees without including the sky which was a bright white and quite a distraction.


  3. krikitarts says:

    Daisies are among our favorite flowers, and this image works very well with them in the nearly-intimate foreground. Surely you made an extra or two with the zoom that you at first had in mind…are you going to share one of them with us, as well? I began to follow Ansel’s work back in Berlin, around 1969, shortly after a fellow student taught me how to make a b&w print from a negative. I became a sort of disciple and still treasure and read my copy of The Print. Even in this digital world, he still has so much to teach us, and I’ve recommended his writings to many other kindred souls. OK, so embracing other updated technology…in lieu of a ladder, how about a drone?

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    • Nope…no zoomed shot this time, Gary. Gives me a good reason to return with that ladder. 🙂 I have the three volume set and reread them on occasion. The salient points are all still appropriate in the digital darkroom…sans chemicals.

      No drones for me. They offer some unique possibilities in the landscape, but I decided early on that I would remain rooted to the earth.


  4. This is a nice change of pace and I very like what I see as a meadow scene. The background and foreground make an outstanding photograph.

    I haven’t been commenting because I am still shut out of my email and I’m mad as wet hen. I don’t like the reader so I went to my blog to look for names of the bloggers where I routinely comment. I am very “bent out of shape” and I don’t know when I can get to my email. Will need someone smarter than I, in the form of a tech for hire. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Yvonne.

      I am sorry that you continue to have problems with your computer. If it is of any comfort, I spent a great deal of money on my present setup and there are glitches with that too. I’ve been able to access everything I wish to, but sometimes with some difficulty too. I hope you find a friendly local geek to sort things out.

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  5. Just a few days ago, as I was lifting my camera high in my arms and aiming downward somewhat to try to maximize what would come out in focus, I thought about the platform Ansel Adams built atop his station wagon. I used to carry a small ladder in my car trunk for a similar reason, but I took it out; maybe I should put it back.


    • I have a nice 5 foot ladder with a large standing platform that I bought especially to fit in the car…if I remember to put it in there. It’s more of a step stool than a ladder really so no place to mount a camera. The main drawback to the Mazda CX-7 is lack of cargo space which also limits the size of the ladder I can store in the back. When I had my Grand Caravan there was no problem with my 8 foot ladder but no more.


  6. It is a wonderful composition. I have read of an artist who kitted out a small trailer with a roof platform. she traveled to National Parks and would set up, painting from the roof and selling from the parking lot. I don’t really think I’d do something like that, but just thinking about it puts stars in my eyes.

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    • I think a strategy like that allows and artist to create a view that is different from what most would do and we are all looking for a different view of familiar subjects. Just make sure you’ve got good shock absorbers so you don’t shake yourself off the top. I’ve been on the top of a van and just moving a little causes a lot of “waves”. 🙂


  7. I jumped up on my new vehicle once and tried for a different view and the only view I got was of my wife giving me the look lol !! Great shot Steve !!

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