03.08.2015 Summer Orange

Today was so confusing.  There was a glimmer of a sunrise, followed by the sky becoming quite overcast by late morning.  Murphy and I went for a walk and a snow squall popped by for a short visit.  This afternoon has seen the sun break through then disappear then break through…partly partly, I guess.

Anyway, I put together some images for a calendar submission and thought I’d share this one from that group.  One of the constant worries when walking in a moist woods is the possibility of crushing one of these little guys.  You just never know what or who might be underfoot.

Red-Eft-071908-700WebAs much as I enjoy the brilliant red/orange of this Eastern Red Spotted Newt aka Red Eft (Notophthalmus viridescens), I really like the leathery look to the leaf coming in from the lower left corner.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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24 Responses to 03.08.2015 Summer Orange

  1. shoreacres says:

    The bullfrog in the upper right on your ,inked page is hilarious. This little guy is handsome enough, but frogs just make me laugh. I agree about the leaf. It reminds me of a cover on an old, leather-bound book. And it was interesting to read about the life cycle of this creature, and figure out that this red/orange color belongs to just one stage of life.

    Just so you know, I have goldfinches galore around today, getting ready to migrate north, and yesterday was strawberry picking day. I had no idea our berries were ripe already, but when I stopped by one of my favorite farms, the fields were full of kids and parents (and general strawberry lovers) with buckets. Spring is creeping your way, I think.

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    • I think he was posted here not too long ago. Kind of surfin’ on that lotus leaf. I love frogs, so you can expect to see more once summer arrives for real. One rarely sees the adult forms on land, but these orange guys are all over the trails when I walk in the Quabbin area.

      We actually have goldfinches here year round. But their color mutes a bit and we can tell when spring approaches as their yellow get much brighter in time for mating season.

      We’ve had some California berries, but the ones you pick from the plants are much better…nice and deep red and very juicy. The trucked in ones are hard and have white centers and little juice to them. Enjoy a nice warm succulent berry for me. 🙂


  2. Steve, I think thisi is a very pretty photo. The combination of orange with the those beautifu brown leaves is like candy for the eye. I adore these sorts of nature scenes.

    I’m glad to read that you took Murphy for a walk. I bet that little dog loved being outside where he had many things to sniff. A walk surely must be good entertainemnt for a Beagle.

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    • My basic response to nature is more natural history than art although that has evolved a bit over the years, Yvonne. I am glad you enjoyed this.

      Murphy loves going for walks. Walk, of course, is a qualified description of what it actually is. I saw a cartoon drawing of the trails various dogs leave when out for a walk. Most were straightish. The one for a beagle was a bunch of loops and wiggles. 🙂

      I hope to do another Murphy post soon. He is doing surprisingly well and just visited his vet who was quite surprised with Murphy’s well-being. We know it could change at any time, but at his age that would be true anyway.

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      • I’m glad that Murphy is doing so well. Supplemental vitamins will surely help him along if you are not doing that already.

        I bet that Beagles have more fun than most dogs when outdoors. So many scents to examine. 🙂


  3. Girl Gone Expat says:

    What a beautiful little creature:) A great capture:)

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  4. Beautiful-composed shot of an equally beautiful specimen. Didn’t go out yesterday as I thought I might … will, perhaps, try again today. Have been preoccupied with cleaning the stoves (for what is, I hope, the last time this season). D

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  5. krikitarts says:

    That’s a wonderfully rich palette of glowing earth-tones you’ve found here. The one at lower-left is certainly outstanding, but the others in the foreground are well worth a bit of closer study as well. I would love to spend a day as a dog in the woods to be able to read the scents they can sense!

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    • I do enjoy the smells of the woods…Well, most of them-I think I have smelled a few that were not meant for the human nose and definitely enjoy decay much more than the average person.

      Wet leaves and amphibians, woods and earth smells…these are a few of my favorite things. 🙂


  6. Agreed on the leathery look of the leaf and the texture it adds. I notice that the species name of the newt is viridescens, so I assume that along with the red/orange phase that’s so striking here there’s a green one. Maybe that green phase comes efter the orange one.


  7. Lottie Nevin says:

    Steve, your calendar submissions are all absolutely wonderful – seeing your pictures together like that is quite something. I love the little orange newt. A splash of colour on a cold day. Good to hear the Murphy has been up and about 🙂

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    • Thanks for checking out the submission, Lottie. I hope the editor feels the same. Newts are always fun to see, but after a rain I have to be careful where I step as they are quite numerous on the paths.
      Murphy is doing surprisingly well and we are quite thankful. One of these days I will do another post featuring him.

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  8. There is so much that is beautiful and interesting to discover in this world.

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  9. Gorgeous composition, Steve. I agree about the contrast in textures.

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