Amethyst Brook through a tree-shaped ice hole

Well, I think that title leaves little to wonder about what the subject is.

I must be going soft.  I mean besides my mid-section.  It was 2°F this morning (snow tonight and tomorrow morning, then come the 30 mph winds and sub-zero wind chills) and I decided to stay in.   Slept a little later, did a little wood hauling from the garage to the basement and then a little shopping.  Filled the garage with more wood in advance of the coming snow and am now deciding what images to enter into a contest.  When I entered this contest last year, the image from the other day of the hoar frost/green ice crashed and burned along with another ice abstract, but the lotus leaf closeup did alright.  What to do this year?  Probably no abstracts.  Any suggestions?

Returning to the subject of this post, openings in the ice like this can sometimes be pretty attractive.  This makes me think of a snow-covered pine tree, kind of what’s left after a cookie-cutter does its thing.

Amethyst-Brook-Ice-Hole-011015-700WebThere is just a hint at the mid-left of the underneath intricacies of a sheet of ice like this.  Several years ago I was able to get a shot of some of the icicles hanging below an ice shelf on Atherton Brook in the Quabbin.

Rounded-Icicles-010811-800FBI guess that’s it for today.  I have always disliked winter but for the past few years a fondness was growing.  I do believe that little fling is over.  🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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23 Responses to Amethyst Brook through a tree-shaped ice hole

  1. Jim in IA says:

    Your fondness fling is about over. I don’t blame you. Our winter last year was brutal. I am glad to have a normal one. I just checked my sources for the wx in your area. Yep…looks like snow and cold.

    I like your cookie cutter picture. It would be my luck to step onto the wrong place and break through into the stream. I hope you didn’t do that.

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    • Your sources are accurate, Jim. We are fortunate, at the expense of our neighbors to the east, that the storm is hugging the coast and we are seeing a bit less than predicted. But the winds are already howling. After our ice dams earlier, I am determined to clear the roof over the eaves, but the wind is discouraging that at the moment.

      So far, with the exception of a childhood experience (when I went through and under), I have not gone through any ice, save for a little at a stream edge. It is a constant worry and does hinder my approaching some subjects.

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  2. The top photo is very unusual. Very different. An excellent find and shot. I will try to find time to sort through some of your pics if there is a list available. The shot needs to be unique and compelling. I sound like I know what I’m talking about which is not much. Just going by some of my long ago entries that won either first place or Best In Show. Mine were not landscapes, however. They were portraits of my dad and some were of cats. I don’t have any of those scanned to CD or flash drive or I would have proudly posted those in my blog. They were done in the mid to late eighties.

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  3. Our days were very similar. Hauling wood and feeding animals in my case. Joanna and I are now working in the kitchen by the warmth of the cook stove. We had our own grass-fed lamb for Valentine’s Day dinner – quite delicious – a real treat. Now I’m hoping we don’t get so much snow that I’ll have to plow in the morning. Temperatures will be down while the winds will be up. Good luck with the contest – who is sponsoring it?

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    • We are not getting too much snow, but still enough to get the snow blower out…especially at the end of the drive and sidewalks where the plows leave nice deep thick drifts.
      We didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day this year. Mary Beth gave me a card and I gave her a chocolate croissant. We usually do a little more, but not this year for some reason.

      The contest is run by a local town’s art council. It’s a juried contest with judges from varied disciplines. There are prizes in each category plus a grand prize and a people’s choice. I rarely enter contests, but thought it might not be a bad idea last year so gave it a shot. Honorable mention. Hopefully a bit higher placing this year. While a prize is nice, the recognition, even when subjective, is nicer.

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      • We started the day at -5 and even though the thermometer is now holding steady at 20 I’m having a very difficult time finding the motivation to go out and plow and do chores. I figure if I go out now I can spend the rest of the day in recovery mode. I lament the lack of photographic queue of the sort you have amassed. I’d really like to go out and then spend the afternoon working with some images. Both stoves are working hard today. The wind is up but we’ve still managed to warm the kitchen to 70. There’s something about hearing the wind howling outside however which makes it seem colder. Off to plug in the Deere – wish me luck.


      • Good luck with the Deere…and staying warm while you clean up. I am just waiting for the snow to stop falling…probably around noon. It is frustrating when you clear an area, only to have the wind cover it up again. But with the wind only getting worse later, waiting doesn’t make sense.
        We only have the one stove in the basement, but our house is well insulated and on one floor, so it is keeping the main part (kitchen and living room) at around 66 and there is enough left over to keep my study here around 59 or 60.
        Like you, I am not at all motivated to go out. Stay warm if you can.


  4. Haha, yeah, me too Steve! I’m officially in hybernation mode.
    Re your competition…is the judge the same every year or does it change? I really like your ice abstracts. I adore your trees in fog. Many times my favorite paintings are ignored by judges, but I’ve learned to stick to my guns. Good luck!

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    • The judges change every year, Melissa. I was acquainted with one of the judges last year, but made sure my name was not on the mat. I don’;t know them this year so will likely have my name on if I use any that are already framed, which I may.
      It is all subjective, so judges’ opinions are only that and not a definitive critique. I always shoot images based on my own tastes, so whatever I enter will be something I feel good about. If they reject them, as they did with the aforementioned abstracts, I still love ’em. 🙂

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  5. krikitarts says:

    Wonderful study in negative space. The little detail of ice on the water’s surface at mid-left is exquisite. To enhance that, I’d have considered cropping the bottom third or so, right at the upper edge of the more-detailed ice structures–but they are fascinating in their own right, too. Either way, it’s a lovely tribute to what winter has to offer for the observant artist.


  6. shoreacres says:

    This really is a striking photo. You’re right about the cookie cutter effect. But oh, my. Don’t I wish I could send you some of what we had today: warmth, blue skies, blooming trees. I don’t know how Spring can seem so much farhter along in Louisiana than Texas, but it certainly does. I saw a tulip tree in full bloom– couldn’t believe it.

    I agree with Yvonne. Many of your fog studies are just gorgeous. Are you limited to one photo for the contest, or can you submit more than one? I think choosing one would be terribly difficult.


    • Thanks, Linda. I sure do wish you could send some of that up north. Louisiana must be in a different zone from Texas.

      We can enter three images in the contest. Choosing three is difficult when trying to evaluate what will appeal to others. I could enter some that were entered last year, but probably will not. Even though the judges are different, I think I’ll not present the same. You just never know what they are looking for. It is also difficult, because some people, judges or not, do not consider photography an art on the same level as painting, sculpture or fiber arts. That is why I thought my abstracts would appeal. Who knows, maybe they would this year. But I think I will definitely enter at least one fog and one stream. Maybe a floral for the third.


  7. Andrew says:

    With the temperatures so low I think I would be tempted to hibernate, Steve. Definitely a cookie-cutter. :-))

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  8. Lyle Krahn says:

    Ice can be so magical and you showed why! As for the weather – you can have a windy day or a nice day temperature is of much less importance to me.

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    • In terms of the warm end of things, I agree with you, Lyle. But the cold combined with gusty wind is just something we are not used to, not to mention the frostbite possibility. It’s below zero again this morning but without as strong a wind so I may go looking for a sundog. No guarantee though.


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