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01.22.2015 Erotica….PG-13

The other day, Steve S. wondered if Erotica would be next up from me.  I don’t have too much that would qualify, but there is this…..Making sure the night will have firefly lights (Photuris sp.)   Spotted Thyris moths ( … Continue reading

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01.21.2015 Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day

In celebration, Rocky will play the harmonica to the tune of “Getting to Know You”.

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01.20.2015 Puffer’s Pond Dam Waterfall in Ice

Just before our freezing rain started on Sunday, I drove from Pelham to North Amherst and Puffer’s Pond.  The pond was created by the construction of a dam of the Mill River during a more industrial period of Amherst’s history … Continue reading

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01.19.2015 Frosty Edge of an Ice Shelf

The foreguess yesterday was for rising temperatures with mixed precipitation turning to all rain.  It started to come down around 9:30 am as freezing rain…I got my camera bag closed just in time…and did eventually turn to mostly rain.  They … Continue reading

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01.18.2015 Fibonacci Sequencing

I have heard about some amazing uses for 3-D printing, not the least impressive being artificial organs.  As I haven’t needed a transplant so far, I had no interest in a 3D printer until now.  Check this Fibonacci sculpture project … Continue reading

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01.17.2015 Going Big Time

That’s what my buddy, Mark, said when he saw that I was uploading images to FineArtAmerica.  Of course, selling framed prints in a storefront gallery is the big time…or licensed to National Geographic or pretty much any other magazine for … Continue reading

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01.16.2015 Winter Filigree

More of Winter’s artistry. Frozen creations like this are probably similar to a snowflake…never to be exactly repeated.  This is extremely delicate and about the size of a silver dollar.  It is a bit of a thrill to capture something … Continue reading

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