12.15.14 Savoy Road, Windsor

OK, it is the 14th.  But I am getting a jump on tomorrow.  It will be Monday and a day off, so I am making the most of it by starting tomorrow tonight.

The forecast said that today would be partly partly, but the sky never did provide much of a sunrise this morning and went downhill, so to speak, from there.  I drove through Windsor State Park on River Road along the Eastern Branch of the Westfield River hoping to find snow-capped rocks in the water but there were not many and the river wasn’t looking all that appealing.  So it turned into a scouting ride along roads I had not traveled before including Route 8A through Savoy into Windsor.

I saw this birch stand and decided to use it as foreground interest for the distant field and trees with the grey sky thinking black and white.

Please click the link for a larger image.

Savoy-Road,-Windsor-121414-700WebOf course, once I was finished and headed toward home, the sky turned into a puff-clouded blue dome .  The foreguess calls for 20° tonight, so I am hoping to freeze my fingertips over some ice in the morning.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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12 Responses to 12.15.14 Savoy Road, Windsor

  1. Beautiful. I like the starkness of the photo with the birch stand as the point of interest.


  2. shoreacres says:

    It’s beautiful, Steve. It almost looks like a pencil sketch. Until I enlarged the image, I hadn’t noticed a little detail on the left side of the birches that made me smile. There’s one sapling that has a 90 degree bend, as though an especially fat squirrel tried to sit on it and didn’t succeed too well!


    • Thanks, Linda. I am pretty sure the tree with the right angle is actually broken and probably snapped under the weight of the heavy snow that fell earlier in the week…..or maybe it was a fat squirrel.
      When I was much younger, I tried my hand, miserably, at watercolors. I was using a book that had step by step instructions of a landscape similar to this, only in color of course, and I have always wanted to photograph something with the same feel to it. This isn’t quite that exercise, but it is close.


  3. Andrew says:

    The bookend birches are perfect, Steve. A beautifully composed shot.


  4. I read right over foreguess the first time around. Then, after I saw the word correctly, I assumed you’d made it up (and you may well have), but it’s in old dictionaries. The giant Webster’s of 1913 defined it as ‘to conjecture’ but marked it obsolete. The Webster’s of 1828 had the same definition and marked the word ‘bad.’ I guess—or foreguess—that means that Noah Webster disapproved of it.

    Happy ice in the morning.


    • The fact that it is, or rather was, an accepted word is a bonus as I indeed did make it up…or so I thought.
      Alas and alack (sticking with phraseology of olden times) the foreguess was just that…a guess…and quite incorrect. At lift off this morning the temperature was 34°F so the ice was not very crisp and I did not photograph any. I did photograph something and that will be tomorrow’s post.


      • It’s happened to me, too, that I’ve made up a word or phrase and then found that someone else had used it first.

        It’s too bad that your 34° didn’t bring a Miracle on Ice Street.


      • I make ’em up as I go often enough here on the blog. Sometimes they are original but, I am willing to bet, for most others have beaten me to the punch…unbeknownst to me.


  5. We too are in a bit of a thaw … 39F as I write this comment. Looks like we’ll have bare ground again and a bit of early mud-season. We expect rain as well. Nice shot with a good crop which emphasizes the long-view of the beautiful landscape. Your shots always seem to give the impression that your neck of the woods is sparsely populated … which I know IS NOT the case. D


    • Yeah, rain due tonight through tomorrow night here too. Probably by way of Pairodox Farm.
      I try to go where they ain’t, David. It’s not always easy to find a landscape without some manmade thing like a tower. My post later today is very much manmade.


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