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12.30.2014 Mount Lizzie Pleasantness

Mount Lizzie is one of the hills that became islands when the Quabbin was flooded back in the 1930s.  For a reference, here is a link to a couple of images posted on Exploring Western Massachusetts showing it before the … Continue reading

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12.29.2014 Gunn Falls Happiness

Earlier this year I posted my disappointment after visiting Gunn Falls in Sunderland, MA only to find a lot of litter…mostly beer cans and bottles along with remnants of a bonfire…in several places and stated that I was done visiting … Continue reading

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12.27.2014 Sunrise in a Hadley Hayfield

Two mornings in a row!  I didn’t expect this and got out of the house late.  I would have loved to get back over to the Quabbin shore but time was a wastin’ so this is from a hayfield next … Continue reading

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12.26.2014 Quabbin Sunrise

For a change, the sky improved as I drove out of our neighborhood.  The clouds were moving quickly toward the east, but today they did not coalesce into one large bank on the horizon. This image is me getting used … Continue reading

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12.25.2014 Mud for Christmas?

Well, first of all….Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to the wonderful people who visit here.  I am truly appreciative that you spend a few moments out of your day to look at my images. Now, to the mud.  … Continue reading

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12.23.2014 Slime mold

Several years ago (well, actually many) I won a photography contest and one of the judges congratulated me on my appreciation of things slimy. I think the image was of a frog and  well…they aren’t slimy but I wasn’t going … Continue reading

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12.22.2014 Looking for Lobster Heaven

Another archive dabble. Early one morning I got out early and drove up Cadillac Mountain at Acadia N.P. for sunrise.  As you might guess from this picture I had the same cloud bank luck there as I do here.  But … Continue reading

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