10.19.2014 Hawley Road in Ashfield, MA

October 13th was a good day.  Besides the other views here and here, I also found this as I returned home through Hawley and Ashfield.

Please click the image for a larger view.Hawley-Road-view-101314-600WebAs I mentioned earlier, the sky deteriorated photographically while the day wore on, but the color and fogged in distant valley made this interesting for me.  I wish the clouds had a bit more texture to them, but I am lucky to have found this spot and will return again next Autumn.  As far as techs, this is a four image stitch with the 70-200+CP, f/16@.3sec, ISO 100, tripod and remote.  Slight cropping on all sides after the stitch.

There are a lot of hills out there and I was pretty sure I did not know any of them with this being my first stop here.  I like to know the names of elements in my photographs and I have an app on my iPhone for just this scene.  It is PeakFinder and here is what the results look like for this view.Hawley-Road-PeakFinder=101314-600WebThere are a few hills not named, but many of these aren’t in my Gazetteer, so it is a big help.

And, as a special bonus, here is one of The Patten sunrise images I was grousing about the other day. The-Patten-Sunbrise-101314-600Web


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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26 Responses to 10.19.2014 Hawley Road in Ashfield, MA

  1. Both images are lovely! The second one is my favorite of these two today. I really like the clouds, light, and starburst in the second image.
    I too like to know what mountains and elements are in my images and spend a lot of time at home reading maps, and online trying to identify those I don’t know. I don’t have that app you shared and will look it up. Thanks for that tip!


    • Thanks, Deborah. I guess I got spoiled with the rental Zeiss lens that renders sunstars with crisper rays and is much better in the shadows so the foreground captures less noisy and brighter.


  2. I love the second, for sure. Forgive me if I’ve overstepped the bounds of proper and polite blog commentary … but does the first comes across as being perhaps a bit less sharp then I know you and your Canon are capable of? The photo on the bottom is sharp as a tack with little to no noise while the top makes me look a bit closer at my monitor? At what size did you load it? Again … please forgive me if I’ve stepped over that line. I push ‘post’ here with not a little trepidation. D


    • Did you enlarge the image, David? I don’t see it as soft at all. Sometimes I feel that I go too far in sharpening. The thumbnail isn’t as crisp as the full size image. Give it a click. 🙂
      I don’t mind questions like that…feel free.
      The bottom was quite noisy in the shadows but I applied noise reduction with a brush so the upper edges of the trees did not soften.


      • It’s weird. In the enlarged version the distant clouds and hills look sharper to me than the trees in the foreground. Perhaps it could be that I’m just getting old? No rain today for a change! Blue sky and sunshine. I hope it’s nice there as well. D


      • Interesting. We’ll see if anyone else sees it that way. I still don’t.

        Not all that good here. Started cloudy, now partly cloudy but with a good strong breeze to gusty winds and chilly. Blustery enough to dry our laundry. Frost coming in tonight.


      • I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, having ignited the cook stove in the kitchen for the first time this season. We’ve got 53F outside with a good wind … tough conditions for a uniform and steady draft … but the warmth feels nice. D


      • We recently….last year…replaced our old Dutchwest with Jotul. What a difference in many ways. But regarding draft…the Dutchwest would not draft if unused for a few days and required a handful of flaming paper in the chimney. I tried a heat gun which worked occasionally. But too many times it would belch smoke, setting off the alarm and upsetting Murphy. The Jotul does not have that problem, unless the furnace starts up to heat the hot water. And even then it doesn’t take much to overcome the negative draft. We love our Jotul. I think we may be able to hold off one more night.


      • Oh my … sounds like we could exchange quiet a few stories about negative draft! I’ve got a few beauties. I use a small propane torch to start both stoves … nothing wrong with really heating up the pipes before setting anything alight! Works every time! D


  3. Love the sunrise photo…Great job.


  4. Jim in IA says:

    I don’t see the effect noted by Pairodox Farm. I wonder what PeakFinder would do here in the rolling hills of Iowa. It isn’t flat. But, it isn’t nearly as variable as you have there. Can you put in any location and get a plot for it? Try 40.9942973,-91.4001234


  5. The first one is a huge gorgeous scene and the sunrise is glorious. Love the starburst effect.


  6. I’m not sure why, but I’m intrigued by the way the clouds in the second picture angle upward toward the left.

    I’d gladly get the peak app if you could provide some mountains within an hour’s drive of Austin for me to use it on.


  7. Andrew says:

    I looked at the first image large on a retina screen. It looks sharp to me. The second is likely to get more votes but the first is more interesting in my opinion. Save up for the Zeiss, Steve.


    • Thanks, Andrew. I did, but then I needed to replace the Dell. Now I start over. By the time I am able to purchase one, I shall be too old and feeble to carry that boat anchor in my kit.


  8. Just Rod says:

    The first is very sharp on my screen and the foreground trees are particularly detailed. The atmosphere of the sunrise is excellent. The Peak App reminds me of the software developed in Manitoba for avalanche prediction. Living in the middle of the prairies (great plains) is not a peak experience. But the mountains don’t get in the way of the view.

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  9. hahaha! Rod is right, living in the prairie is definitely not a peak experience! These photos are breathtaking, Steve. No wonder you never want to leave. You are a master of capturing a sense of place.


    • Thanks, Melissa. I guess it is pretty flat where you are. I am rather comfortable here in New England, but someday I would like to see other places. I’ve had a few offers for a visit, but finances don’t allow for it right now. Someday….


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