09.30.2014 Another from Harvard Pond

On Sunday the 28th I was at Harvard Pond not looking for shots of snags but shots of fog and foliage.  For several days in a row, last week into this, we have had warm days and cool nights which give off a lot of ground fog at day break.  I’ve posted a few images of this over the past days and have at least this one more to share. Harvard-Pond-092814-600WebHarvard Pond is another of those spots I visit often.  There are various islands scattered around and with the light changes, the foliage now turning and a variety of atmospheres to work with, it is a go to spot.  There is the Harvard Forest to explore which holds the pond and a museum (The Fisher Museum) which I have yet to visit.

For those curious, the snag is at about 9 o’clock to the left and just out of the picture.

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I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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27 Responses to 09.30.2014 Another from Harvard Pond

  1. Faith says:

    How beautiful!


  2. Very, very pretty. Does it seem to you as if the color change has accelerated in the last few days? I am beginning to believe that most of it will be over before it really begins? We haven’t had a whole lot of wind but is seems the leaves are dropping quickly. I don’t think I’ve had time to get one foliage shot yet. I’m glad you’ve set your priorities and taken the time to capture some. The Harvard Forest has always been a place that Joanna and I have wanted to visit … perhaps some day soon? D


    • Yes, it does seem that way to me also, David. As I drove around this past weekend I worried about my timing for the vacation.But it now seems about right for this coming week.

      l am hoping for a nice full moon and foliage event for next week.


  3. What a gorgeous image, I love the detail and the story you are telling.


  4. Oh I really like this one a bunch. Sure would make a nice print for somebody or a gorgeous painting. I love the little island with the foggy haze in the background.


  5. Katrina W says:



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  7. shoreacres says:

    The slightly muted colors remind me of our cypress as they begin to turn. If the conditions are right, they’ll sometimes provide a beautiful mix of rust and green on the same tree.


  8. Jim in IA says:

    It is surprising how calm and smooth the water is. The reflections are sharp and clear. The islands and their reflections fade into the distance.

    Great shot.


    • It was a very quiet and peaceful start to the day, Jim. The wind remain slight for most of the day. I tried to line up the islands for that effect and was very happy that the fog aided that.


  9. benrowef64 says:

    Really like the colours, their vibrance and saturation is emphasised nicely by monochromatic mist.


  10. Lyle Krahn says:

    I really like the mystical feel of the place. The bright colours in the fog give it a special look.


  11. Gorgeous oranges, and yellows, and the reflection is excellent! I’m heading the Eastern Sierras next week hoping for Fall Color. The reports are saying the highest elevations have peaked already, and a recent storm with lots of wind knocked off a lot of leaves. Still keeping my fingers crossed that I find a grove of color, and few nice compositions.
    Fall is happening fast everywhere I think. Even my Camellia is blooming!


  12. That’s quite a contrast between the (seemingly) larger group at the left, with its sharp delineation and mostly saturated colors, and the (seemingly) smaller group at the right, with fog-muted colors and less detail.


    • Don’t forget the even smaller one in the distant middle…I worked hard, well actually just took a few steps…to be sure of its placement. 🙂
      This pond has quite a good number of small islands like this. I should find out how that came to be, shouldn’t I?


      • I should have noticed the even smaller group in the middle, but it’s the middle of the night here in Tucson, so I’ll offer that as an excuse for less-than-optimal perception.

        If you find out what caused the little islands, please let us know.


      • I was wondering about the time there. Are you observing a celestial event or just up all night stuffing yourself before the long fasting event? As a diabetic I no longer fast.


      • Suddenly woke up an hour ago and haven’t yet fallen back to sleep.

        Did you know that most of Arizona stays on Standard Time all year? We gained an hour crossing from New Mexico into Arizona and will lose that hour going in the opposite direction tomorrow.

        I drive fast but don’t fast.


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