09.28.2014 Snagged On Harvard Pond

My neighborhood was as thick as pea soup this morning which made me think it would be like that everywhere.  But it was just in random spots as I found out passing by the Quabbin and heading to Harvard Pond.  There was light fog in the distance, but pretty clear close at hand.  Similar to the shot from a few years ago that you see in the header at the top of the page.  So I decided to try something with this snag which is a small bit from a tree that is lying in the pond with various parts protruding above.

My first impulse was to isolate it and make a black and white study of the shape and reflection.Harvard-Pond-snag-in-monochrome-092814-600WebThere were a few trees on the shore to the left of that image which were bright red and just being illuminated by the sun rising over the trees.  I thought it would be nice to try an angle that would bring those trees’ reflection into the picture.  There is a lot of growth along the edge of the pond, and I literally had to straddle a large pine with the tripod and wrap myself around that tree to line this up.  I could have just got in the water, but the lower angle would have introduced another part of the fallen tree and got in the way.  But I stayed dry and I hope the shot was worth it.  Harvard-Pond-snag-with-color-092814-600WebI am headed back up that way this afternoon to try for a few more Fringed Gentian shots.  Another Facebook friend told me of a site that is half as far as yesterday’s and I am going to give that a try.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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18 Responses to 09.28.2014 Snagged On Harvard Pond

  1. Andrew says:

    I have expressed my admiration elsewhere. The colour shot is worth every and any effort. I look forward to the FG asap.

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  2. I love both shots, actually – they evoke very different reactions.


  3. Just Rod says:

    WOW! The black and white study is really exceptional. How did you manage to get such a clear background.

    The colours reflected in the second view are stunning. Almost speechless – but you know me 🙂


    • Wow….an almost speechless Rod is quite impressive a compliment.

      There actually were a couple of floaters that I removed digitally but the water was pretty clean on its own. I rarely clone but had it in mind from inception.


  4. Whow … the color has it, hands-down, over the black and white … just my opinion. Beautiful reds. I’m anxiously awaiting the results of your search for the illusive Fringed Gentian. I hope you met with success, both in terms of finding it and, of course, of capturing it photographically. D


  5. shoreacres says:

    Of course the color’s magnificent. And something else I’ve been noting — the water in a lake or pond seems to behave different from our bays. It’s very unusual here to see such uniform rippling. It really adds to the photo.

    The black and white? I see it as a “picture” — see the two arms on the left, and the two hands? Of course they’re holding a super-duper, fancified version of a dowsing rod!


    • Possibly that might be because of the two forces, wind and surf/tides, not being in harmony in a bay where a lake or pond has only the wind, Linda?
      The dowsing rod hit paydirt…err paywater, I’d say. Interesting take on this. It is said that two photographers will take the same scene differently in their vision. That also holds true for the viewers. I like your interpretation. 🙂


  6. quabbinite says:

    I like them both for different reasons. The Autumn color in the second one is bound to be beautiful because it has Autumn colors in it, but as I said on Facebook, it looks like it’s simply hovering in mid-air! The B&W is also a very nice shot because it looks as though the shot was staged; as if you had it on a canvas, knowing of course that it was resting in water.


    • Thanks, q. The idea, especially with the black and white, was to give it an isolated quality which works well as floating in space. I was lucky to have such a fairly clean surface to work with, although I did remove a couple of floating bits.


  7. Jim in IA says:

    I also think it looks like it is floating. Very nice shots.


  8. Black and white could sorta pass as antlers. Sort of abstract. The color photo is a real knock out. Fantastic and vibrant. You’re getting all fancy dancy, smanchy. .


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