09.06.2014 Peace at the start of the day

4 a.m. saw mixed skies with some clouds and a few stars.  That usually means that there could be some nicely lit clouds as the sun approaches the horizon.  But as we have seen lately, once the clouds reach the horizon themselves, they often line up in such a way as to cover all gaps to the east and that, once more, was what happened this morning at Owens Pond.  So no epic dawn light show, just a bunch of flying clouds in the wind.

There was just the hint of color before sunrise and I have found that what little color there is can be heightened a bit with a long exposure.  In addition to my circular polarizer, which reduces the light by 1 1/2 to 2 stops, I mounted my 6 stop neutral density filter and was able to get a nice 30 second exposure.  Although this most likely would never be on the cover of Outdoor Photographer, aside from being the wrong orientation, it is pleasing to me in a subtle serene sort of way.  One doesn’t always have to have spectacular light to have a pleasing image.Owens-Pond-Quiet-Dawn-090614-600WebThere was another car when I got here, but I never saw that person and felt as if I were the only one there.  It was quiet with only a few birds and tree frogs for aural accompaniment, some dragonflies were starting to fly and the soft breeze kept the early heat and humidity comfortable.  The rest of the day has been rather uncomfortable as we wait for some rain and a cool down.  But it started quite well.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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20 Responses to 09.06.2014 Peace at the start of the day

  1. 4 AM … you’re dedicated. Nice image. And, you are right, one doesn’t always have to have ‘crazy’ light to capture a pleasing image. We too have been very humid this week and are also expecting storms to push this weather to the east … we can only hope. I’ve been mowing the lawns like a mad-man ahead of the promised weather but it’s just partly cloudy this afternoon. I could have gone on a photo expedition today! It had better rain – or else. Why do I always do the things I should do before I do the things I want to do? D


    • It’s called being an adult and it’s not much fun. I just checked the radar and it looks like you are due for rain at any moment….I think you are in NW Pennsylvania, right? Ours keeps getting pushed back…first it was @8am, then 10, then 1pm and now 5..
      I’ve been getting up early all my life. 5 a.m. since my boyhood paper route and then 4 a.m, when Mary Beth used to commute to Hartford. She doesn’t any more but I do….get up at 4.


      • Yikes. I’ve got my alarm set for 4:15 … to get me to YMCA by 5 and then to work by 6. By 8 PM I’m whining about going to bed and that drives Joanna NUTS! It’s all I can do to wait until 8:30 or so to drag my sorry behind up the stairs. Quite a few months ago we were awoken at 10 PM and had to drive and hour to rescue our son-in-law who had had a blow-out on the interstate. Then the drive back … I think we were in bed for the second time sometime after midnight … it was something very much like visiting the Twilight Zone for me! But I do so like getting a jump on the day … by 10 AM the day is half over … isn’t it? D


      • The funny thing is that with a handful of exceptions, where someone else depended on me, I haven’t used an alarm in probably 25 years, Dave. Quite often I wake earlier than need be…actually I wake several times and check to see if it is time yet. Must be why I don’t concentrate during the day very well.
        Like you, I am ready for bed anywhere from 8 to 9 which makes Murphy very happy. Mary Beth keeps her own schedule.
        I’ve had the phone ring in the middle of the night a few times for emergencies at the store where I work. That is definitely not fun and I pay for it the following day..
        Yup. By 8 am us early risers have done more than most people do all day…. . 🙂


  2. Lottie Nevin says:

    I was generally up by 4am when we lived in Indonesia. The mosques would start their call to prayer just before 4am and then after 20 minutes or so of the 6 mosques round the apartment I was WIDE AWAKE!! These days it’s a leisurely 7.30/8am start 🙂 This is a gorgeous photograph, Steve. I particularly love the water – after yesterday’s moody cloud this is calm and reflective. Tranquil?


    • Your day doesn’t end until close to midnight it seems, Lottie. I would hope that you sleep in until at least 7 or 8.
      Thanks! The long exposure gives the water and clouds a very soft feel that adds to the feel. I should have used Tranquility in the title. Next time. 🙂


  3. Jim in IA says:

    I like the photograph. It speaks the truth about the scene. You were there and saw it.

    I tend to get up early, too. Alarms are for very special events. I’m glad for that.

    Today was about as clear and bright as it could be. The blue of the sky was intense. Plus, the temperature was 72˚. Another on tap for tomorrow. We will send these nice days your way soon.


  4. This one is really beautiful. I can see this one as a painting by someone with great skills as a landscape artist. I also think it would be lovely framed on a prominent wall where the photo could be studied for many aspects. It is indeed a photo as a perfect example of tranquility.

    Speaking of might owls and day birds- I used to be a real night owl but now that I’ve been ill and in the process of regrouping and recouping, I am getting to bed by 10:30p and back up by 6a most mornings. I let the dogs run, ear breakfast then nap from about 8a to 10am. I’m working toward going to bed by 9p. Maybe one of these days I’ll even get a new post out on WP. 🙂


    • Your posts are missed by many, Yvonne. But getting your rest and recovering your energy matters more. Our clocks do change as we get older, I guess. It is starting to get harder in the morning. I still wake with no problem….but getting up isn’t quite as easy as it once was.
      Thanks for the painting comparison. I do try to occasionally present my work in an artistic manner. 🙂

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  5. The phrase “subdued serenity” came into my mind after contemplating your landscape.


  6. Andrew says:

    I think the getting out of bed is the worst bit. Waking up no problem. Once I’m about, no problem. Is the decision to leave the comfort of bed that challenges me most. I never regret it. I enjoy the quiet and the solitude any any (rare) photographic triumphs are a bonus. This would have done me nicely, Steve. Very soothing.


    • Agreed. Leaving the bed’s comfort is getting harder all the time, Andrew. Of course, nowadays I need to a couple of times during the night so I get plenty of practice.
      I am glad you enjoyed this.


  7. shoreacres says:

    What a lovely image. It evokes Constable for me, especially Landscape with Fence in the Foreground. Your photo has the same delicacy as Constable’s watercolor.


    • Ooohh! Thanks for the great compliment, Linda. Being compared to Constable is quite a plum. I do think of various artists at times…not always but occasionally…when I am making images. My favorites are the Hudson River School, but Constable and Turner are also others that I enjoy.
      I like how he titled his painting. No doubt as to his intention. 🙂


  8. Lyle Krahn says:

    Subtle serene to describe the photo works well for me. What doesn’t work is getting up at 4 am. Yikes. Between you and I somebody is awake most of the time.


  9. Sandra says:

    It’s a wonderful calm atmosphere and I can really feel the perfection of that morning. A bit too dark maybe but that’s a matter of taste anyway. Lovely pic.


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