08.26.2014 A foggy day in Amherst town.

That should be days.  We have had a series of warm days followed by cool nights which can often  produce heavy morning ground fogs.  Often happened each of the last four days.  I thought some of the spooky trees on Mount Pollux might look good in the fog.

Most of the trees are dead and have ivies climbing them…many being of the poisonous variety.  It’s most everywhere on this conservation location.  I tried to use the one on the left as a frame for the ones in the middle  distance.  I hope you like the mood.  It could be eerie or it could be serene…take your pick. 🙂Mount-Pollux-foggy-silhouettes-082414-600WebA similar tree on Mount Pollux appeared with the full moon here a few weeks back.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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25 Responses to 08.26.2014 A foggy day in Amherst town.

  1. Jim in IA says:

    I pick serene. Dense fog is fun to walk in. I hate to drive in it. Odd things can happen. One foggy night while driving back from church with dad, we nearly struck a recliner rocker in the middle of the road.


  2. shoreacres says:

    Pure serenity, I’d say. The colors remind me of some English landscape painters. Of course, I’d be pleased for cool nights and lovely fog about now. We’ve got another month of heat and the rest of hurricane season to get through before we can enjoy scenes like this.

    Is that goldenrod I see down in the lower left? It’s a nice touch.


  3. I’m going to have to agree with the others. Quiet to be sure. The fog acts to mute the colors but somehow the pastel shades in the foreground come through pretty strong – I like the balance. Nicely done. D


    • Thanks, David. Initially I had viewed this as a potential monochrome, but the color was just too pleasant and the effect too calming to change that tone. Black and White would definitely have been spooky.


  4. My first impressions of this tree were scraggly and spooky.


  5. Supremely serene or something to the effect. Lovely muted colors and the tree is a jewel of a find.. I like this one a ‘bunch.”


  6. Lottie Nevin says:

    I’m not nuts about fog, it always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. That said, viewed from a distance (i.e from 1,000’s of miles away via a photograph) it looks enchanting! Very serene, very ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ – do I sense a change in the season where you live, Steve? Things are s-l-o-w-ly changing here, subtle things like the sun is now a bit lower, different light in the yard, slight yellowing on some of the leaves, It’s still baking hot though, 45c out in full sun! 🙂


    • Things always seem safer at a distance, Lottie. Yes, the season of greens is winding down. The colors are changing just a little bit but the subtlety is there.
      Hot huh? Here’s a little something for you to do when it cools down. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Way_of_St._James
      This Sunday we are getting together with some friends for a sendoff as they prepare to undertake this walk. I hope it is not too hot when they go in October. Each has one kidney….the husband was able to donate one to the wife who had to have both removed. It is quite an arduous trek but they have trained and we are all hoping they do well.
      Try to moderate the temps for them, will you? 🙂

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      • Lottie Nevin says:

        How fantastic, especially considering their circumstances . Theo, Pete and I were planning on doing the walk in October but plans have changed – it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Wish them the very best of luck, what a wonderful experience, I’m sure that they will enjoy it and meet many people along the way,there will be many stories to share. October in the north of Spain will be a pleasant temperature, cooler than here – perfect for the pilgrimage 🙂


      • I do hope you have the opportunity to take the walk, Lottie.


  7. Andrew says:

    Eerie. Definitely eerie. I see a witch on a broomstick. Spooky.


  8. Just Rod says:

    It’s serenely eerie. Or is that eerily serene?
    Very nice mood shot.


  9. izudin says:

    I like photos with a fog in general, this one is really good.


  10. Spooooky! In the best possible way. I adore fog, so this makes me feel very happy. In a spooky kind of way.


    • I am almost always happy to see fog….unless I am planning on a sunrise photograph session, like this morning and the last several. Hot days and cool nights and plenty of ground fog in the morning lately. I am glad this shot brings you a bit of happiness, Melissa. Sometimes spooky is good. 😉


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