08.11.2014 Full Sturgeon Moon

Doesn’t that sound much better than “SUPERMOON”!  Kind of like NFL Championship sounds so much more sane than “Super Bowl”.  Anyway, I am not a fisher person ,  🙂 so the significance is just in the name for me.

Last month I made a few mistakes in my use of The Photographer’s Ephemeris which caused me to miss my target……the Quabbin Tower as seen from the end of Old Enfield Road, Gate 5 in Belchertown, in silhouette with the full moon.   Yesterday I did a little better.  Still not the silhouette I visualized, but it would have been pretty difficult for me to reach the spot needed.   Maybe another time things will line up better, but I am pretty happy with these.

When I arrived, there were clouds along the hill top and I was worried they would not recede in time.  But they did and the moon rose splendidly just to the left of the tower.Full-Moon-and-Quabbin-Tower-081014-600WebA little wander down shore and a short time to rise gave me this second with the nice deep blue of the night sky.

Full-Moon-and-Quabbin-Tower-2-081014-600WebI had hoped to be able to add a shot from this morning, but there was only a glimpse before the fog rose from the ground and hid all.  We are possibly receiving some showers this evening, so whether the weather allows for more later is up in the air.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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23 Responses to 08.11.2014 Full Sturgeon Moon

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    Steve, these are GLORIOUS! Really and truly. You must be really chuffed with these ones. SUPER MOONS indeedy! 🙂


  2. Jim in IA says:

    You got some great photos, Steve. Nice color and composition. We had dense clouds in IA. Couldn’t see a thing. Your photos made up for it.

    Thanks 🙂


  3. Nice shots. Jim passed the link to me and I’m glad he did.


  4. I happy for you because this time you got what you wanted. Nice going.


  5. Ok … one more time … I’m gonna have to ask for those ‘beans.’ Technical data please. Lens, ISO, and exposure if you don’t mind. I’m wondering how you managed the beautiful detail in the moon, while still maintaining some minimal exposure in the foreground. This sort of photography isn’t my thing … but I must confess that I was out with the camera last evening as well and didn’t get anything close to what you managed to capture. Ok, now …. out with it. D


    • OK, the first image: 70-200 with the 1.4 extender full out at 420mm, no filter, f/8@1/5 sec, ISO 100. I fine focus on the moon with LiveView at 10x which is close to hyperfocal so the tree line and tower appear sharpish. Actually the tower is pretty sharp. Post-processing was a bit involved to get the tower lit as I wished and there was enough detail in the shadows to give some semblance of character to the foreground which was helped by the light still coming from the sunset although rather dim.
      Second image:Same lens setup, f/11@.3sec which was -2/3 exposure compensation, ISO 100. Same story for focusing and post processing.


      • Got ya .. thanks. I had read about the focusing-with-live-view-thing but never have worked it myself … sounds like a good idea though. And the extension tube seems to have worked in your favor as well. Thanks for taking the time to upload. D


      • There are other advantages to LiveView besides focus control. Another is related to focus and that is the ability to judge your aperture’s effect on focus throughout the frame. The focus box can be moved around while you hold the DOF preview button so you can get a good handle on where to adjust focus. While not that big a deal with landscapes, when shooting smaller things , especially flowers, using LiveView in 5x or 10x power allows you to see if there is the slightest bit of motion before you expose the image. Very helpful.


      • Hmm. Great! I’ll experiment a bit next time I’m out. We’ve got some heavy weather expected over the next few days so, perhaps I’ll do the experimenting at the kitchen table! Managed to get the hay in though! Baled yesterday and brought it all under cover today. Talk about satisfaction! And now … it may rain! D


      • Congratulations. You deserve a day or two off. Farming is hard enough without having to race the weather.


  6. shoreacres says:

    I really, really like the first image. I think it’s because there’s a little more ambient light, and the tower is glowing a bit. Not only that, this is one of the few photos I’ve seen where the “rabbit” that the Japanese see in the moon (rather than a man) seems apparent to me. A fellow I followed until he quit his blog for other endeavors lived and worked in Japan, and he’s got a great post that’s filled with diagrams, lore, and a sake advertisement that’s a hoot.


    • I actually don’t see a man in the moon. But I do see the rabbit. I don’t see the mortar and pestle, but I guess in the old days I would have been thrilled to get my pharmaceuticals from a rabbit, especially when I was 10 feet tall. 🙂
      Good commercial….seems a bit like the Cat Stevens song.


  7. Andrew says:

    Top Marks from the HK judge too, Steve. I would be extremely happy with these!


  8. Just Rod says:

    Great images Steve. You see a rabbit? What is LiveView. I tried looking it up on Google but it didn’t seem much help.


    • Thanks, Rod. If you click on Linda’s (shoreacres) link you will see the outline of the rabbit.

      LiveView is a feature on cameras that allows you to see the image you are planning and then review it later. IMO, much much better than squinting in the viewfinder.

      I’m sure you can find more on Google as I found this. Try as two words.


  9. I hadn’t heard the name’ “Sturgeon Moon” before, but I like it. You’re right, it has a nicer ring than “Super Moon”. Beautiful images~ I like the first one best but they are both wonderful. I’m really a seat of the pants sort, so it intrigues me to learn how much goes into finding the right shot.


    • Most of my images come from seat of the pants undertakings, Melissa. At least the majority of close ups anyway. Once in a while I plan based on flowers I have seen before at a certain time, but it never works like that for the insects. They have their own schedule. 🙂
      Landscapes can be planned and I try to as best I can. Clouds do create a problem, like last night. “No moon for you” said the sky.


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