06.13.2014 Out of order

Not the blog, exactly. Yesterday’s post was from yesterday.  Today’s is from the day before.

One of my goals on this “staycation” was to visit a few new places.  As much as I enjoy Acadia, which was the plan once again, I had to cancel my plan and stick around here.  And as much as I enjoy around here, there are many places I have yet to visit as well as many places that deserve more visits.  I think we tend to think there is something better elsewhere a bit more than needed.  Sure, Acadia is spectacular as are so many other places…icons if you will…we aspire to visit.  But home has so much to offer.  I’ve mentioned that I like to photograph the flowers and insects in our yard.  It’s a jungle out there.  Well, not really…I do mow…but you know what I mean.

So yesterday I made my first visit to Goldmine Brook Falls.  Wednesday I went to Spirit Falls for the first time where I met Mr. Bull Frog.  As with Goldmine, Spirit Falls is also a challenge for me with all the boulders and slippery rocks to maneuver across and around.  As I get in better shape I hope to do some more shooting here from some spots in the water. But for today, or Wednesday really, here are two shots

We came in from the top which is a much shorter approach.  There is, of course, a hike in from the opposite end of the trail, but it is a lot longer and steeper.Spirit-Falls-upper-061114-600WSebThe view from straight on is nice but contains a lot of white foam which I hate, so I found this angle which allowed for much of it to be framed out. I contemplated cropping more of the foreground, but think as is gives a good anchor.

The climb down to the lower falls was again pretty rocky and, as we’ve had a lot of rain lately, slippery as well.  But the rocks provide a foothold and the tripod acts as a walking stick.  🙂  The best vantage point for here would be a little further downstream looking up at the falls with some nice foreground boulders.  Next time.Spirit-Falls-lowerr-061114-600WSebAs I stood making this photograph,  Fergus hid in the moss and leaves almost at my feet. 🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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9 Responses to 06.13.2014 Out of order

  1. Okay. slippery rocks and all, please be careful. I can just imagine you falling and hitting your head and knocking yourself out. Do you let Mary Beth know where you are going to be? I think that at each stop you need to text her your location. It really is a safety thing since you are always alone. I’ll stop the lecture and tell you that I really like the falls and the greenery on the rocks.


    • I can imagine that also, Yvonne so I am very careful and don’t do nearly as much as I am tempted to. I usually tell Mary Beth where I am going….assuming that I know when I leave or don’t change my mind. For a change I was with someone for these.
      Thanks, the green is part of what attracted me too.


  2. Lottie Nevin says:

    Goldmine and Spirit Falls, these places sound like they are straight out of a fairytale! Steve, both photographs are superb but I especially like the second one – the way that you have captured the water is extraordinary.


    • Thanks, Lottie. They are certainly more thoughtful names than just using a place name, which is usually the case. I am glad you like the water photos as it is in a tie with flowers for my favorite subjects. 🙂


  3. I like the striations in the descending water in the second picture.


    • One of the advantages to reduced flow in water photographs is the appearance of these striations which are enhanced by the long exposures and oblique angle. Straight on, as above, gives more of a soft filmy look over the longer time and more definition if relative exposure speed is increased.


  4. I agree that the foot of the falls in the first image gives it grounding. I knew I liked your waterfalls, but I didn’t realize it was because you avoid the foam. I don’t like that either, as it seems too trite, which your photos never are. It is interesting to read a little about how you achieve a look, such as the striations in the water.


    • Thanks, Melissa. Aside from the foam, deciding whether to let the water soften or keep some definition is always an interesting challenge. In some cases, the very long exposure gives a pleasing silky feel while at other times the striation or frozen motion works better. All part of personal expression. Most of the time I am making photographs in the woods where the light is quite dim and forcing me to have a long exposure. This was a bit open allowing me to have more choices.


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