06.08.2014 A Gallery Exhibit in July at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

I know that the majority of visitors to this blog are too distant to attend, but you are all invited just the same…no presents, please. 🙂  I will be hanging 25-30 framed prints in the Locust Street Gallery at the hospital on July 1st through the end of the month.  The reception is on July 10 rather than the usual first Thursday of the month due to the July 4th holiday.

Here are a few samples of what will be on the walls….of course, the copyright notice will not be on the prints.

Grass Pink…one of the orchids that can be found at the bog I mentioned earlier and requested by Steve Schwartzman…..full disclosure-this is not from the bog but from a wet meadow near my home.CooleyDick-Grass-Pink-600WebA Foggy Day in Amherst Towne, Owens Pond.Cooley-Dick-Foggy-Harkness-Pond-600WebAnd a brilliantly quiet start to a day at Quabbin Reservoir.CooleyDick-Quabbin-Sunrise-Gate-5-041414-13-framedFor those of you who are in the area, I hope you can stop by and say hello.  And for those who are out of the area, the cost of a jet flight in will be offset by the milk and cookies that will be served. 😀

As far as activities go, I took the day off from shooting despite the fact that it is a glorious day.  Yard work is falling behind and I felt like getting an extra hour or two of sleep this morning.  I’ll be back out there tomorrow. 🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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14 Responses to 06.08.2014 A Gallery Exhibit in July at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  1. bmccammon says:

    If it were at all possible I would attend. It would be great to meet you. I thank Andrew H. for leading me your way and always enjoy your beautiful images and words. Keep on…


  2. Congratulations, I would be there if I could..


  3. I’ll say ditto to Bente’s comment.
    On the technical side, how are you printing the pictures (or having them printed)?


  4. Andrew says:

    I shall be there in spirit. Milk and cookies sounds good for a hospital reception. I suspect the visitors are in for a real treat looking at these three. Best of luck for lots of print sales, Steve.


  5. I wish you great success in your show, Steve! I wish I could be there. The Grass Pinks, in particular, is breathtaking. I mean, they all are, but I’m partial to that one because it is one of the hallmark species in my own personal wet meadow heaven. I have tried any number of times to get a nice shot of it, so I’m in awe of yours. Sell to the wall!!!


    • Thank you very much, Melissa. I do enjoy having virtual friends, but the distances attached to that is disappointing. I would like to be able to meet all the folks who visit the blog and see your work in person as well.


  6. Well for a start here. The Grass Pink orchid is beguiling, the monochrome is sublime and, the sunset is magnificent. Individuals that are fortunate to view your gallery will be seeing stunning nature images. I only wish you were about 2,000 miles closer so that I could see your work in real time. I hope that you’ll have a very successful showing and make some great sales.

    Please post more of the gallery. I really see these photos better this time around for the matting and black framing makes a huge difference. Steve, these are nicely presented here.


  7. Thnaks, Yvonne. I will post more. Once hung, I will take pictures of the walls and post them here and will also post digital mock ups as I did for these three.


  8. Lottie Nevin says:

    Steve, these are stunning, I wish that I could visit your exhibition, it’s going to be a grand show that’s for sure. I’m so pleased that your work is going to be ‘out there’ for the public to admire – I hope you get some good sales out of it, you are a fantastic photographer, with enormous talent. BRAVO!


    • Thanks, Lottie. I sure do wish you could attend but I will post them all once the exhibit is over. Not the same as being there but it will be virtually the same. 🙂
      And I really appreciate your kind words for my photography.


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