05.18.2014 The Aforementioned PTs

I visited two locations on Saturday looking for the Painted Trilliums.  The first was in Pelham along the Cadwell Memorial Forest trail where I photographed this one a few years back…I’m sure Andrew remembers it.  After two days of rain, the flowers were a little bedraggled and had their heads bowed from the downpour.  When the petals get very wet, they become a little transparent and this first one was somewhat backlit so the effect is a bit magnified.  I did reflect the light onto the bloom with a handheld reflector to help darken the background.Painted-Trillium-dewy-051714-600WebAgain with the lying down on the job, but no ticks…so far so lucky.

From there I went to the Dean Brook trail and found quite a few, but they were also beaten down by the previous days’ weather.  I found one, however, the was standing proud.  Although also a little transparent in places, the petals look pretty good and the background not too bad.Painted-Trillium-051714-600WebI doubt that I am done with them yet, but I did go elsewhere this morning…there were flowers, but no PTs.

And in case you wish to see one with no weather related blemishes….Painted-Trillium,-Dean-Brook051009-800FBSo that’s it for the moment…now to go out and stain Mary Beth’s orchid shade room on the deck.  There’s more, the list is never-ending, but I think staining will suffice for today along with taking my turn making dinner. 🙂



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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16 Responses to 05.18.2014 The Aforementioned PTs

  1. Andrew says:

    Ah. Now I can sleep well. PTs are back. You have to work with whatever you get Steve. I’d be pretty stoked with these. And no ticks. Life is good.


  2. They are nice, all of them.


  3. Rain soaked or not, this is a lovely set of trilliums. The PT is truely a beauty. However, I’d rather know that you are not risking your health and possibly your life to get these photos. Please be careful. I’m really afraid of getting some sort of tick disease. So far the ticks have not been bad but that is subject to change at anytime.


    • Thanks, Yvonne…for both the comment on the images and your concern.
      I am cautious. I keep my pants inside my muck boots so they have to travel upwards where I can see them. I spray my pants and shirt with DEET (yeah, not the healthiest thing) and spray my hands to spread the stuff on my neck and head. Then I do a strip search once home. They say that even if one attaches to you, removing it with 24-48 hours pretty much keeps you in the clear, but I check once home to be sure. It would be very hard for me to stay out of the woods or off the ground…..sometimes I’m on the ground even if I don’t want to be…Stevie go “BOOM!” 🙂


  4. Lottie Nevin says:

    Think of all the Brownie points that you’ll notch up today with staining the deck AND making dinner 😉 These Trilliums are exquisite – the focus is so sharp that it’s like I’m looking at them for real. Wonderful job, Steve. Muchos Brownie points for these!


    • Thank you for the photographic brownie points, Lottie. I hope the love shows in the images.

      Staining the deck doesn’t get me much in the way of points…just my job to do most of the yardwork and exterior stuff. Making dinner does get me out of the doghouse…should I find myself in there but that’s not often. 🙂


  5. These are all awesome Steve !!


  6. Just Rod says:

    I love the effect using the reflector to lighten the subject and darken the background very dramatic. Three very different but equally excellent images.

    I hope Stevie doesn’t go ‘boom’ again.


    • I’d put your money, I am sure a friendly little wager is allowed, on Stevie to go boom more times, Rod. I did manage to stay on my feet today…except for when I didn’t. But it was intentional…a kneel down. 🙂
      That introduced light allows the meter to read the bloom which underexposes the background and really helps the petals to pop with enhanced detail. Sometimes, if I am feeling a bit limber, I will use the large reflector to shade the background for an even greater effect. Such deception. Thank goodness for remotes.


  7. The ground is the place for a nature photographer to remain grounded. You may take a licking, but let’s hope you keep ticking (though not in the critter sense).

    Most of the time that people ask me what I’m photographing, they assume it’s a bird or some other animal. Go figure.


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