05.05.2014 Lithia Springs Reservoir

I’ve been meaning to check out this spot for a while now….too long, don’t ask.  Anyway, I had a dentist appointment this morning and decided to scout it on the way home.  It was 11:00 am so not the time I would usually shoot landscapes, but after the hike in I decided I liked this as a Black and White scene and shot away.  Before I mounted my camera, the tripod fell over and I heard aloud splash.  Thank goodness the camera was still in the bag.  Now I just have to clean the tripod legs, ballhead and leg covers.  It was pretty muddy on the edge of the water.

This will be a nice spot come autumn.Lithia-Springs-Reservoir-050514-900WebIn case you are wondering, yes I did wait for the clouds to move into position.  Patience is as important a tool in the kit as any.  Kerplunk. 😳


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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17 Responses to 05.05.2014 Lithia Springs Reservoir

  1. Oh, whew, the bag was still protecting your camera! I’ve had many kerplunk moments myself.
    This shot is wonderful~ I love it. Good to know about waiting for things like clouds to line up… I will bear that in mind when I am in the field.


    • This was my first drop in the water, Melissa. I guess water is the worst or pretty close to it. I once threw my bag over my shoulder without having zipped it up, but fortunately everything landed on nice soft pine needles. But I have insurance just in case.
      Should you ever need to, here is a link to the Really Right Stuff post on cleaning a tripod…Gitzo, but the information is helpful for other brands.
      Thanks for liking the image.


  2. Andrew says:

    Failing to zip up the bag is my favourite Steve. I have only once had a tripod fall over – with camera attached. No serious damage except to my nerves. I costed out insurance once and it was astronomic so I don’t have any. I worked out it was probably better to spend the money on new gear if I trashed the old as the premiums were just as expensive.

    I like this scene a lot. Can you pull up the shadow detail a little? I think this could be a real go-er in Fall.


    • It’s good to have an excuse for new gear, Andrew. Not a bad strategy.

      I can actually pull the shadows open quite a bit more. I backed up a bit on opening them as I thought they might keep the eye from those clouds just a bit but I can look at it again, thanks!


  3. Stewart M says:

    Great picture and a a great looking blog.

    The old “falling tripod” stunt is a nightmare, especially on a beach! Been there, done that, sent the camera for cleaning. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


    • Thanks for both the visit and the comments, Stewart.

      I use pads on my tripod legs, so they got soaked and needed to dry out. When they did the ballhead didn’t want to move so there is grit in there…not sure how to clean it. I emailed Kirk for instructions. The legs are easier to deal with, I think, having done them many times on my old tripod.


  4. Lottie Nevin says:

    How funny, it was only this morning that I was talking to Pete about patience and how I am now beginning to have more of it. I like what you said about it being as important as any tool in the box, this is very true, no matter what creative endeavour you are involved in. Beautiful photograph, Steve. The resevoir looks so clear and refreshing. Glad the water didn’t claim your camera – perish the thought! 😀


  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Whoa! Glad only the tripod took a dunking.
    Terrific B&W image!


  6. Sandra says:

    I usually have Gerd cleaning my boots, tripods etc as he is complaining about the dirt and not me =D However, very glad to read that your gear is not damaged and the photo was worth the effort. Hope the dentist trip was not so bad 😉


    • Oh, you’d complain if this was your tripod and ballhead, Sandra. The sound of grit as the legs were closed was unmistakeable and the ballhead resists movement. Not good at all.
      The dentist wants $1600 for a crown. I am not sure it is worth it.


      • Sandra says:

        ooops and oops 😮 Over here, I would say you were Switzerlanded but it is not even THAT expensive in Switzerland 😮


  7. Whoa- what a fright.My heart would have been in my throat. When using a tripod I always keep the camera strap around my neck- just in case the camera might fall. I’m very paranoid about my limited camera gear and have now given up any thoughts of getting the prime lens since my health has not been good. But one day things might be lots better according to my MD.

    But this pic is really a fine one. I’m fond of B&W since it lends more drama to certain photographs.


    • I’m glad you like this B&W landscape, Yvonne. It was my first time there and I was not expecting to get a shot, but I got lucky.
      I am just finishing cleaning the ballhead and legs. I reassemble tonight and, hopefully, put it back into use tomorrow. Fortunately, I kept my old tripod and have a backup ballhead for just such situations.


  8. Great shot Steve can’t wait till fall to see the results !!


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