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11.25.2013 Rosy oh Rosy and Anita’s amazing subject radar.

Before getting to our regularly scheduled post, what the heck is with pool cleaning?  I don’t own a pool but my spam trap is filled daily with stuff from pool cleaners. So my friend Anita and I were driving down … Continue reading

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11.24.2013 The Touch

Well, I am sort of embarrassed to be giving such a romantic title to this image.  But it seems appropriate so I’ll stick with it…unless someone comes up with a better one.  I am open always to suggestions.  Maybe “The … Continue reading

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11.21.2013 Three as one

Back in October I was wandering around in New Salem literally and figuratively in a fog.  We were not having a particularly typical autumn with wild color abounding everywhere.  Most of my favorite places were fairly dull with spotty color.  … Continue reading

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11.19.2013 Balancing Act and a Turtle Turf War

Beth Walsh recently posted a nice shot of a turtle with its feet outstretched which reminded me of these images so I thought I would share them-from Poor Farm Swamp.This Eastern Painted Turtle was just chillin’ with its damsel pal … Continue reading

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11.16.2013 Obsession

I love Painted Trilliums.  Common knowledge for many of you who have known me for a little while and even shared, I believe, by our Hong Kong correspondent.  But as gorgeous is their coloring, the deep magenta contrasting with the … Continue reading

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11.12.2013 Soft and Dreamy

Here’s one from last May.  I usually process my images fairly straight with just some contrast and sharpening.  I went just whisker further with this. Sweet dreams, friends.

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11.11.2013 Porter’s Keystone Bridge-Gate 30, Quabbin Redux

I visited one of my regular haunts again yesterday-the old Orange-Millington Road also known as Gate 30 in New Salem.  An iconic old stone keystone bridge crosses the Middle Branch of the Swift River just a short walk in from … Continue reading

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