9.28.2013 If you don’t go then it won’t happen

I woke this morning with a bit of congestion in my head…which is a good place for it as there is nothing to interfere up there.  When it came time to head out for some Saturday morning shooting I hesitated and tried to talk myself into staying home…you’re sick, just take it easy.  But even if there turn out to be no images today, staying home guarantees there are none.  So down the road I went.  …reminds me of a George Thorogood song,

Sunrise was a no show, but there was plenty of the ever present these days fog.  Not a whole lot moved me so I drove along Branch Bridge Road in New Salem and decided to take a shot of the new wheels to post here.  I did not want to buy a newer vehicle but body rot (on the van!) and ridiculous auto body prices forced us to take the plunge.  Minivan for SUV.  I am liking it a bit more each day.CX-7-9-28-2013-900WebNote that I said “newer”.  It’s a 2007 Mazda CX-7.  Probably the sportiest car I’ve ever had and probably ever will.  Maybe I’ll get another 10 years out of it.

When I went back to get in the car I noticed a scene across the water that seemed nice enough.  The color is starting to move along here and the combination of reds and greens are nice but the way the yellows stood out was what I really liked.  The fog muted the colors just a bit but the moisture bumped the saturation along nicely.  I don’t think it will be in my masterpiece portfolio but it says autumn well enough. Lake-Rohunta-Branch-Bridge-Road...9-28-2013-900WebOne more time out tomorrow and then that will be it for about two weeks while Mary Beth and I travel in Maine…mostly at Acadia N.P.  When we return Western Mass should be at peak color.  The best time of the year….excepting maybe May for the Painted Trillium, eh Andrew? 🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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20 Responses to 9.28.2013 If you don’t go then it won’t happen

  1. Mark says:

    Seems like I could have written this same post many times over Steve. I am about 50-50 for getting out on days like that, despite me knowing there will be images missed. I guess I just convince myself I’ll make up for it when I am feeling better and have the mojo back.

    I have been casually shopping for a new vehicle also. I have read Mazdas do have a pretty good reliability. But I am quite torn between practicality, fun, and gas mileage.


    • There is always tomorrow but such opportunity today for sure.
      I am not a “zoom-zoom” type of guy, Mark. But I am liking the Mazda pretty much. The guy who sold it to us kept saying “You are going to love all the extras…it’s loaded”. He was really bugging me because I told him I didn’t care and just wanted a reliable vehicle. DAMN!!! I am enjoying the extras. Don’t tell him. 🙂


  2. I like the fall scene very much. So much beauty there- where you are. I have yet to find a decent scene to photograph here- where I live in Central Texas. I need to be sure my words are clear. 🙂

    A friend of mine always buys a Maza or a Toyota. She really does her research and knows autos. I’ve ridden twice in her 2012 Maza- it is not a crossover Suv but that little car gets up and goes-. It has such fast pick up speed. with just a 4 cyclinder motor. She zips along and moves out. 🙂 Great vehicle and I think you’ll love it even more the longer you drive your gray jewel. 🙂


    • Thank you, Yvonne. I’ve never named a car before and am not sure I will now. But if I do, “The Gray Jewel” it is. 🙂 I have found myself going a bit too fast in it and, yes, it does have a lot of zip…even more than my 6 cylinder minivan did.
      I hope you find a little autumn color this year in Texas.


  3. Lottie Nevin says:

    I am so excited about getting back to Europe to see the last of Autumn. I’ve missed the changing seasons so much. Looking at your photograph reminded me of everything that I love about Autumn. Steve, are we allowed to call you Boy Racer now? 😉


  4. Andrew says:

    What your Mazzy lacks Steve is ‘go faster’ stripes down the side. Of course British Racing Green would have been better (with yellow stripes) ……….

    Oh the picture is nice and like Lottie I miss proper seasons. Wet and dry isn’t really my cup of English Breakfast.


    • Those stripes would get me noticed a lot quicker by the authorities I think, Andrew. Not to mention they would go terribly with my sober personality. 🙂
      I can understand about the wet and dry. Every once in a while that is how our seasons are which makes a normal set of seasons more appreciated. I never take it for granted.


  5. I haven’t seen a good changing of the leaves in the Northeast since the early 1970s. Enjoy it for me.


    • I’ll do my best to share some of the autumn sights, Steve. I’ve never seen a field of Texas hill country flowers so appreciate it when someone like you shares that with the rest of us. 🙂


  6. David Patterson says:

    I hear you on the reluctance to get up and go this morning… only I wasn’t strong enough to resist the lure of another hour in bed. Lovely foliage photograph, and here’s hoping you have a great time in Acadia!


    • Thanks, David. I am a little worried by the lack of crummy weather for the last two weeks and into this coming. But I think our timing is spot on for foliage.


      • David Patterson says:

        Things are starting to move along up here. As is usually the case though, fall colors generally don’t get to Acadia until maybe the end of the first week in October. So as you said… perfect timing.


      • I have seen a few images from Acadia and the color is coming along well. I just hope for no monsoons until after the foliage is done there. 🙂


  7. Just Rod says:

    Very enjoyable image of autumn. I really like the musty effect at the lower half of the image. Glad you got up and went. Have a great trip to Maine.


  8. Greg Russell says:

    Lovely fall image Steve–you’re completely right about it not happening if you don’t go. This is something I need to remind myself of over and over. Looks like it paid off for you this time!

    Congrats on the new car–I am starting to think about a new one myself.


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