09.18.2013 Another from Harkness Pond

We get a lot of ground fog this time of year.  Here is one more from foggy Harkness Pond.  It will look better if you click the image and, I hope, see it on a middle gray background.Harkness-Pond-2-081713-900Web


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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26 Responses to 09.18.2013 Another from Harkness Pond

  1. Mjollnir says:

    Superb photo Steve 😀


  2. Andrew says:

    Love the photo but I didn’t get a mid-grey background 😦


    • Sorry, Andrew. That is what I see here but I don’t know if I have control over that for others. What was the background for you?


      • Andrew says:

        Just plain white, Steve.


      • There isn’t much point in clicking then. I guess it is dependent on your display. I have mine set for neutral gray….somewhere near 18%…so that must set it for WP too. Bummer.


      • It seems to depend on which browser you have. I use Firefox, and when I click a WordPress blog image it opens in the center of a new window with a middle gray background. In contrast, when I try Safari, the picture opens in the upper left corner of a white window, which isn’t as pleasing to me.

        Obviously I can’t control what browser my readers use, so I usually put a two-pixel black border around my images; that way they’ll be well delineated even against a bright white background.


      • I’ve put borders before, Steve, but haven’t liked it. Your idea of a small stroke sounds like a good compromise. And, yes, I do realize I left you a nice opening. 🙂


  3. Mellow, melancholy mood. Kinda matches the mood of the video ad that appeared on my wordpress page: a woman in prison orange behind bars! Bet she’d rather be on the banks of this foggy stream. Steve, don’t fret about the background: That’s just the artist in you speaking. The image works just fine regardless of the distractions of the web. –Ebenezer


  4. This one is excellent. A mystical and ethereal quality. The reflected tree really adds a great deal. The view of the pic is the best on you post page. Clicking it made it elongagted and not nearly as appealing.

    Did you get notice of my last post? I put the quotes back up to stay after some more editing. You has said that you wanted to finish reading those. 🙂 Not angling for a comment. Or is that called fishing? 🙂


  5. Office Diva says:

    What a scene! I am waiting for the Lady of the Lake to reach out a hand and hold up a big sword, which of course I would just stare at, since I am not cut out to be king (or queen); nor do I have time for that. To quote one of my fave bands, Coldplay, in Viva La Vida, “Who would ever want to be king?”
    Loved it. As the savvy Mistress of “Pets, People and Life” has said afore me, very mystical and ethereal. Smart lady. Please do continue to wow us with your photographic goodies!!


    • Wow, I like the imagery of the Lady of the Lake, O’D. But with a nice new DSLR instead. 🙂 Nope, no King Steve, or Queen, in my future. Not even Alderman or Councilor Steve either. I never have wanted any sort of representative, sometimes read ruling depending on one’s ego, position and am not about to start now. 🙂
      I’ll do my bestest to keep up the level of product. 🙂


  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    Terrific Steve! I really enjoy a foggy scene!


  7. Just Rod says:

    such wonderful stillness. There is a song written about Manitoba (our province) ‘A moody
    manitoba morning’ this would make great cover art, well it would if it was in Manitoba. Draws me into the scene.


  8. Greg Russell says:

    I really like the moody fog here, Steve! Funny…we get most of our fog in the early summer…’June Gloom’ as they call it. Fall and winter are typically crystal clear.


    • Thanks, Greg. We have such large temperature swings here, especially in the late Summer, that there is strong condensation for dews over night. The water holds its heat so the cool morning air yields fog as it hits the water’s warmth and then the warming sun creates a steam effect so we get some nice thick fogs….especially in our wetlands. We are fortunate to have many wetlands. 🙂 I am not a scientist but that is my understanding. What I do know is it is a delight to wander around in a fog. 🙂


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