09.06.2013 Hunters Head

I am never sure whether there should be an apostrophe in Hunters.  I’ve seen it both ways regarding Hunters Beach and Little Hunter’s Beach.  Just so you don’t think I published a typo…….this time.  🙂

While I was wandering around Acadia this past June, I decided to post an image of myself with my iPhone and was standing at this spot when I did the deed.  Later in the week I decided that I should make a real photograph but without the lovely model…take my word for it. 🙂 The color is a bit blah and the clouds unremarkable, so I converted it to monochrome and the contrasts just stand out so much better.  I like the dead stump….I guess all stumps are pretty much dead or, to steal a line from Miracle Max, mostly dead.Hunters-Head-060613-900FBI think tortured fits.  The trees that exist on the rocks along the Maine coast put up with a terrible beating through the seasons.  The character in what remains of them is so interesting.  And for those of you who have an eye for such things, the tree is not intersecting with a rock but that is a bit of branch sticking out of the upper left of the stump.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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21 Responses to 09.06.2013 Hunters Head

  1. Andrew says:

    Looks good in mono Steve. The sticky out bit at the top of the stump is very odd but never mind. Tortured is a good description.


  2. Lottie Nevin says:

    I really like this picture. From what you say, these trees have to be tough cookies to put up with the weather conditions. That said, what an outstandingly beautiful environment in which to live and grow. There can’t be many places as stunning to end up as a stump?


  3. I like that “the mostly dead” stump. For some reason the last 3 blogging posts that I have read have been funneeeey. I laughed aloud as I read your post as well. I really like the “mostly dead” stump” quote. So much beauty in being lifeless. 🙂 A good thing for trees but not a good look for humans. 🙂 The monochrome here is beautuful.


    • Thanks, Yvonne. I try to infuse a bit of wit into my posts and am glad I succeeded. I’m not quite in Andrew, Lottie, Rod or O’Diva territory but am happy if the corners of my readers’ mouths get just a little upturn. 🙂 The quote, just in case it isn’t universal knowledge, is from a favorite movie…The Princess Bride. A children’s movie for adults that I will enjoy forever.


      • I had no idea where the “mostly dead” quote came from. I should try to watch the movie at some time or the other. 🙂

        PS: I think that if you ever let your inner funny self completelhy out of the bag that you could be as funny as the bloggers that you mentioned.

        To digress a bit here:
        I love those bloggers for their wit and for being real people with nothing fake about them at all. They all seem to be strong individuals and I admire those qualities in them and you as well.


  4. Just out of curiosity, did you take any pictures of this from a lower vantage point so that the peak of the stump appeared to pierce the sky?


  5. Office Diva says:

    Green Heron Steve (haven’t called you that in awhile, it just needed to come out). What I like about your work is that it is consistently fabulous. I try to mix mine up a bit so that people don’t become used to my good photographs and fail to appreciate just how difficult it is for me to produce them. So I sneak in some truly awful photos now and then, just to help folks recognize when I finally get one right. Keeps me humble and a reminder that I am just a hack and need to focus more on my writing.
    You, on the other hand, keep cranking out the awesome! Lately, I am having a love-fest with cloudy skies; not sure what that means in the overall scheme of things for my mood. But sunny skies have recently become overrated. I like the different textures that you focus on more because of the b/w —- cloud cover; rippled water; scrunchy grass in the foreground, and the trees in the background seem to lean just a bit to the right, don’t they, as if it longing to escape their roots and take up house elsewhere. Or is that just my imagination?
    Has anyone mentioned that this “mostly dead” stump resembles a rather skinny sea lion, posing on a rocky outcrop? See the line of the front paws/back legs? Anyone?? Noooo??
    That was a rather rambling way of saying that it’s a very interesting photo and sparks the imagination. What more could one want?
    A very happy Saturday to you.


    • I have tried to get a new green heron image to post for you, but no luck. Maybe tomorrow but pretty soon they will be migrating…maybe even to Texas.
      I have not seen any truly awful photos from you yet. If you wish, I can try to find a real stinker to post here. Believe me, there are plenty to choose from. 🙂
      I am not a big fan of cloudless sunny skies either. Clouds add so much to a sky. I am afraid that you are all alone on the sea lion resemblance…that is, unless you are talking headless sea lion. Then I am right there with you. 🙂
      Thanks for the nice compliment on my images. I’ll try not to disappoint, O’Diva. 🙂


  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    Outstanding view which looks great in B&W.


  7. That is a terrific image. Love the black and white presentation. Really makes the design features pop. The tree, what’s left of it, seems intimately connected to the sea.


    • Thanks for the enthusiastic response, James. There are several similar trees near this spot, but this was the most interesting choice facing the cove and point. But when I return I may have to try to get the blue sky shot Steve suggests.


  8. Greg Russell says:

    This is a really wonderful image, Steve. I like it a lot.

    As far as apostrophes go, some interesting trivia. Devils Tower in Wyoming should technically have an apostrophe, but it doesn’t because of a typo on the paperwork that was filed after it was made a National Monument. The typo stuck.

    I’m a bit of a grammar geek. 🙂


    • Thanks, Greg.
      We have a similar quandary at Quabbin. There is a spot called Hanks Meadow. I always wonder if it is named after someone whose last name was Hanks or a first name of Hank. 🙂
      I’m a little rusty with my grammar, but I try to put out proper posts. I always notice others’ gaffes but I am sure I produce plenty of my own. If you ever notice anything feel free to let me know. 🙂


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