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09.29.2013 Bald-faced hornet nest

It’s a good thing I was mowing the lawn and not trimming the bushes today.  I’ve seen these nests often enough but usually they are high in a tree and unapproachable.  We have one in our yard in one of … Continue reading

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9.28.2013 If you don’t go then it won’t happen

I woke this morning with a bit of congestion in my head…which is a good place for it as there is nothing to interfere up there.  When it came time to head out for some Saturday morning shooting I hesitated … Continue reading

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9.23.2013 ‘shrooms

A few posts ago Bente asked to see the mushroom I had photographed.  Well, I don’t think I will post that although it could qualify as a bad photo for Diva’s request.  Anyway, I have some of that species and … Continue reading

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9.21.2013 Frog behavior

Really, how does one teach a frog to behave?  Well, not everyone feels animals are able to think.  Maybe these folks will give dogs and cats the benefit of the doubt…maybe a seal trained to do tricks, shock treatment definitely … Continue reading

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09.18.2013 Another from Harkness Pond

We get a lot of ground fog this time of year.  Here is one more from foggy Harkness Pond.  It will look better if you click the image and, I hope, see it on a middle gray background.

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09.15.2013 Peace and Quiet


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09.14.2013 A few minutes at Poor Farm Swamp

I went to the swamp again this am because I needed to get home and do some yard work so took the short ride.  It was a pleasant morning and only a few folks came by.  My first subject was … Continue reading

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