08.24.2013 Podisus-the Predatory Stink Bug

I took a bit of license with the title.  Our subject is actually “a” Podisus Predatory Stink Bug.  There are around 5000 species of stink bugs in the world with about 550 species in the U.S. and, so far, 3 in my yard.  Of all of those there are 34 species of Podisus worldwide and 9 in the U.S. and 1 in my yard so far.  Podisus-Predatory-Stink-Bug-081713-900WebI am told that stink bugs do actually give off a bit of a less than perfumey scent, but to this point I have never smelled one.  I tend to not torment my subjects by picking them up and so far so unsmelly. Podisus-Predatory-Stink-Bug-080510-2-BlogUntil today I had only seen this bug in my backyard on the boneset patches we grow.  Today while stomping around my favorite wet meadow, which the town has slashed to a few inches off the ground to keep it from turning into an emergent forest, I came across one more waiting for the sun to dry it off for the day. Based on the color of the legs I think it is probably a different species than the one in my yard.Podisus-Predatory-Stink-Bug-082413-900WebSo there you go….most likely more views of a stink bug than the average blogger wishes to see.  I have some other images of the two other stinkers from our yard, but I will save them for a yard adventures post which this did not qualify for as there was the additional location involved.  There are rules to follow. 🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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15 Responses to 08.24.2013 Podisus-the Predatory Stink Bug

  1. Just Rod says:

    Lovely little stinkers Steve. Do you think for the sake of scientific discovery you should try picking one up to verify the truth of its monicker?
    I’m sure all your fans would think it worthwhile. :).


  2. Steve, this is interesting. You don’t know what you are missing never to have smelled the odorous stink bug. Sometimes I have one attached to my clothing from brushing up against shrubery are whatever. If they are only slightly touched the little stink-ums generally emit a weird odor. Excellent nature post.


    • I am glad you enjoyed it, Yvonne. An update in reply…apparently they have to be adults to stink. I was taking down the blueberry netting just now and grabbed a stink bug nymph from the netting. Nothing. I held it right up to my nose and gave it just a tiny squeeze but nothing. Of course, there is the possibility that it recognized me as a friend who would do no harm. 🙂


  3. Lottie Nevin says:

    Steve, you are like an encyclopaedia with all these fascinating bugs, moths, flowers, plants etc. I’ve never heard of stink bugs so this was a charming introductory lesson learning about them! 😉


    • Thanks, Lottie. I hope you are always able to think of bugs as charming. 🙂 My interests are mostly natural history, but I try to present them as artfully as possible. Makes the bugs a little more romantic, I guess.


  4. Andrew says:

    The title sounds like a) a kid I was at school with and/or b) a Roman gladiator from the Life of Brian. Take your pick. And I rather like stink bugs.


  5. Better a stink bug than a sting bug, I always say (except that I’ve never said it before). There are many more kinds of insects than plants, so insects offer lots of diversity for a photographer.

    I didn’t know you’re following a self-imposed regime of only one location per post, but most posts naturally fall out that way anyhow, don’t you think? It’s a reminder of the unities of classical drama.


    • I’m not really following any rules, Steve. Just a little humor. But, yes, most posts do just happen to be from the same location. The species population of insects is almost beyond the mind’s comprehension. Beetles alone in the hundreds of thousands.


  6. The stink bug looks great in this series of pictures.


  7. Interesting lenses and good pictures. Your adventure will be so exciting.


  8. All I can say is this stinks Steve lol…just kidding great shots of an interesting little creature you know I have never smelled one as well. Are these handheld or are you using a tripod ?


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