08.03.2013 Here we go loop-de-loop…A Bubble Pond Path mystery

Well, it is a mystery to me.  I’ve seen this in other areas but have no idea why it happens.

As  I posted a while back, trees get themselves into all sorts of interesting shapes.  Along the same path I was exploring in Seeing it a little differently is this cedar that for some reason has grown in a circle.  With the large rock there it seems unlikely that there had been another tree which has died and rotted away.   This was at dusk and I decided to let it go fairly dark to emphasize the shape a bit.

Curly-Cedar-Bubble-Pond-Path-060613-800FBAnother view of this interesting tree.  Curled-Cedar-060613-800FBAcadia has many cedars that have become misshapen with unusual growth.  I am sure there is a scientific reason but I haven’t come across it yet.  But it sure does offer some cool shapes to photograph.  I am sure my next visit will yield some other way of looking at this.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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12 Responses to 08.03.2013 Here we go loop-de-loop…A Bubble Pond Path mystery

  1. I like these a lot since I am fond of cedars. There are several old ones in my yard but nothing to compare with the beauty of the unusal one that you photographed. I like both versions a lot. Acadia really is an haven for sorts of photographic opportunities. This cedar must have a very mysterious and twisted history.


    • Thanks Yvonne. Yes, Acadia has so much to offer. The ocean and wonderful rocky coast is what it is more well known for, but the mountains, ponds, lakes and meadows are really special too.


  2. Office Diva says:

    Here is more of Office Diva’s esoteric drivel, which you can take it or LEAF it as you see fit. What we have here is a narcissistic and also introverted tree that is quite impressed with itself and also slightly agoraphobic (fear of going forth). So rather than making friends with the two rocks living next door, it is curling around itself and reflecting upon its own beauty. Which you have captured brilliantly, as usual.
    Another Gingold-esque classic, methinks. 🙂
    (I’m sure that will be catching on and all over sprinkled all over WordPress any day now).


  3. Office Diva says:

    …..or perhaps the tree is simply meditating and attempting the Lotus Position (yoga Tree Pose would just be too easy). 🙂


  4. I like the darkness of the first shot, Steve; slightly spooky and the root looks like a bird’s talon…


    • I hadn’t thought of a bird’s talon Lucy. I did think of a person’s leg drawn up to their mid-section like a dancer maybe. But I like it simply as shapes and shadows which is what I visualized as I returned to photograph it the morning after I first saw it, so I am glad that is the one you prefer.


  5. Mark says:

    What a great find Steve.


  6. In my area, Ashe junipers (Juniperus ashei) seem more susceptible to such contortions than other trees.


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