08.01.2013 One of my best

Sounds a bit like I’m tooting my own horn or whatever.  I recently posted this Lotus image on Facebook and received that response from a few commenters.  I should be pleased and yet somehow I feel a bit let down.  Sure I like it.  A lot matter of fact.  But I’ve posted many others of which I feel more proud.  This was pretty easy.  I guess easy is good and when you come down to it, how easy or difficult acquiring an image is does not matter much to a viewer of flowers.   I’ve worked quite hard for many others or else they were subjects of long quests over many years.  Ah well, having an image appreciated is a reward and I should be pleased.




About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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35 Responses to 08.01.2013 One of my best

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well this really does look terrific Steve! The background is super which really helps make it something special.


  2. Love this, Steve. Simplicity and beauty together.


  3. Hi Steve
    I agree with the comments above. I’m reminded of a key lesson I learned from Tony Sweet (though I have trouble following this advice). Simplify and isolate. People love that. And it is a darned good image. The background is terrific. I”m guessing that’s what is going on here. But I know what you mean. I’ve followed your work and I can see where you’re coming from. I think about this problem, a lot. I showed two interpretations of the same image to a art dealer who sells my stuff. We both agreed that the edgier interpretation was cool and great etc. However, he then said, “but I couldn’t sell it.” So much for edgy. So, maybe we do some things for ourselves and some things for others. But, it really is a great image!


    • Thanks, James. I understand just what you are saying. I guess the edgier stuff is just for juried stuff and to share with fellow photographers. I have noticed that the brightly colored objects seem to draw the most attention in social media.


  4. Andrew says:

    You have to give the punters what they want, Steve. Even if they are stupid not to prefer something better. Oh and BTW I do think this is one of your best 😉 except perhaps for the trillium catalogue.


    • Yeah, I know, Andrew. I am not sure they are the stupid ones, though. It is up to us, if we wish some semblance of general interest and success, to figure out what will satisfy the market. And as I mentioned, I should be pleased and am becoming more so. 🙂


  5. Gorgeous color and perfect composition. A wonderful flower photo for someone to put in a frame. Indeed this is excellent, Steve.


  6. deedeephotog says:

    Well, it is a beauty. I can see why so many on your FB page commented on it. Great job even if it was an easy one. 🙂


  7. Sandra says:

    I know what you mean 😉 I recently posted a landscape photo on G+, a classic Swiss mountain lake landscape but rather boring IMO because it was a typical daytime flat image, no interesting light, actually just plain flat sunshine. It got over 200 G+ 😮 😮 Other pics where I really have put in my passion for light and landscape, just get a few likes / G+…

    There is always a difference in what we personally like best and what the audience prefers. The flower here is a classic like my landscape and it is what most people prefer to see. Hmmm, I hope I don’t create a sh** storm now 😉 but… It is a truly solid photograph, nicely done and exposed but knowing a lot of your flower work, I don’t think it belongs to your strongest. Do you feel better now? LOL =D


    • It’s been said that there is no accounting for taste. So why would I ever question that of others? I am very happy that folks take the time to look at my images and leave a comment, whether here or on FB, G+, NatureScapes….wherever. The world is filled with fantastic images and many more every day. I am becoming more pleased. 🙂 And, thanks, I do feel better. 🙂


      • Andrew says:

        If taste were important, Steve, there would be nothing to put on the lid of the chocolate box, where from decades of evidence only the contents need to have good taste and the lid merely needs to feature a highly saturated image. But someone takes those images and sells them. Outrageous I know but as they used to shout on the TV quiz programmes, “Take the money!!!!!”


  8. Anita Mueller says:

    Miss these! Very nice!


  9. Usually I’ve proved right in guessing which pictures of mine a general audience will like or not like—but not always. As you and some of the commenters have noted, photographs that are technically harder to do or that are less conventional may appeal to us as experienced photographers, but not as much to the blogging public. So much depends on the audience. Even with a general audience I occasionally push the boundaries: there are bound to be some people who appreciate that.


  10. Office Diva says:

    Here’s a simple observation by the esoteric alter ego of Office Diva. (I think you have previously only met the comical version of her, so this is the side you rarely see—–the peaceful one that sometimes makes sense!). hah.
    People probably liked this not only because it is a flower, but because it is in particular a lotus. The lotus is a very special and sacred flower to Buddhists. The lotus grows in muddy water and rises up to become a beautiful flower, symbolizing the journey from humble and murky beginnings to enlightenment. Many petals to ponder, aye?
    So not to take anything away from the photo, Mr. Steve, because it is truly gorgeous—–but perhaps the widespread popularity is subconsciously the symbology. “Lotus” probably also draws more people on a search because of what it means, rather than just a beautiful photo of a beautiful flower.
    Happy Friday to you!


    • Hello Esoteric Diva. Ummm….we aren’t looking at another Sybil or 3 Faces of Diva are we? I guess that would be cool and we’d always be guessing and on our toes.
      Yes, it could be the Lotus’ special significance. In my youth I had a brief encounter with the lotus and the Tantric religion…[u]very[/u] brief although I did find the heavy emphasis on a certain aspect of human behavior to be quite inviting. But those were different times and I was just a tad younger back then. I did like, however, the concept that there should always be a flaw in all we do so as not to anger the perfection that is the Godhead. That would explain a lot of the flaws in my personality as well as my images. 🙂
      I like your thinking, Esoteric Diva, and do think I will assume the lotus position regarding the popularity of this image.
      Missed a day, so Happy Saturday. 🙂


      • Office Diva says:

        You’re so funny. I do have more than one side to me, that’s for sure, but they are all mostly harmless and none resemble Sybil. I do talk to myself a lot, but that doesn’t really count, does it?
        Your description of lotus-inspired human behavior in your youth was quite humorous!
        I am glad that you are practicing the lotus position as you meditate upon the beauty and humility of enlightenment.


      • So we are now introduced to O’Diva and E’Diva. I am really eager to meet the rest of you. 🙂

        Assuming the Lotus position is one thing. Uncoiling myself with cries of agony is quite another.


  11. Just Rod says:

    It is a fine image – but always have problems when people declare this one better than that, or these are the best. I’m not at all sure we can legitimately do that with art. The appreciation of beauty is a gift. But that appreciation is also linked to emotion. I can remember getting fixated on a picture of a painting in an art book, and being totally absorbed by it for hours. It remained my favourite painting for about a year. Then one day, it was just another beautiful painting – bit did not move me the same way.
    I like the comments that explain what it is that a person likes about an image or a piece of writing – if they are able to explain the why.
    I like the lotus image because: we don’t get them here, I have never seen a living lotus flower, the composition suits my eye, the colours are delicate and complementary – discord in technical colour language, and the balance between clarity and softness is excellent.

    Well there is my two-pennyworth of amateur comments But “eeh, I know wot i like” 🙂


    • Thanks Rod. I very much appreciate and agree with your comments. It sounds to me like you have a pretty good grasp on art appreciation…amateur or otherwise. If anyone ever asks me to analyze what there is in this image I may quote you. 🙂

      I am the same way with music. A certain song or musical phrase will get stuck in my head until it either drives me batty or another takes its place. I have been that way about some pieces of art but I got over the black velvet thing. 🙂 Seriously, there have been a few works that mesmerized me and I did finally purchase one to hang on our wall. Not an original but a good quality print from the Smithsonian of a Winslow Homer painting that won me over and stayed in my mind outlasting two relationships before Mary Beth and I hung it on our wall. http://www.winslow-homer.com/Early-Evening-%28or-Sailors-Take-Warning%29-large.html Not a requirement for a life long relationship, but I am most pleased that Mary Beth saw the same qualities in the painting as I.


  12. tomwhelan says:

    The image is beautiful.
    I do understand your “lotus position”, though.
    What people like is one thing. What you like in an image, what you value most in an image, and what you are striving for as a photographer are all different facets/dimensions. What people buy to hang on the wall is yet another.
    If image making and what people make of it were more predictable, it would all be less interesting!


  13. You should try portrait photography, I will capture an image of a Senior and think it is amazing and then the parents and kid end up buying something that absolutely blows my mind, I just keep smiling and cashing the checks lol.

    Great image BTW….one of your, oh never mind lol !!


    • Thanks for the smile, Bernie. You have my admiration. There is no way in the dark underworld I could do portrait photography of anyone, wedding photography or boudoir photog….wait a minute, maybe I should give that last one a try. 🙂 It can be the same with editors sometimes.


  14. Many rock bands don’t know why their biggest hits are the hits. This one is very strong. It is simple and easy to like. It’s beauty is obvious, which the masses like. The colors are subtle and very fine in their combination. It’s hard to beat. I must say though, that you know and others who follow your work know, that you have artistically stronger images.


    • Thanks, David. I am glad you see my point. I am sure most artists have the same experience. But we also have a lot of our innermost feelings in what we create which isn’t always apparent to the viewer. I guess the best art can communicate that, but it also takes a discerning and thoughtful viewer as well.


  15. bluebrightly says:

    I know what you mean – people love certain subjects. And some things are easy to photograph, and some of those are the subjects people love So it is! In any case it IS a gorgeous image.


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