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08.31.2013 Same spot…3 views

So I repeat myself a lot…that has been mentioned here before, both saying the same thing over and over and over … 🙂 and revisiting favorite spots.  This post has three images from the same part of the Poor Farm … Continue reading

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08.27.2013 A visit to the Lotus Pond

Sunday morning I did my weekly walk along the railtrail and Poor Farm Swamp which was my last post.  On the way home I passed the lotus pond that I have visited for years.  It is owned by a very … Continue reading

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08.26.2013 Fog+R=Frog

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day at the railtrail.  Lots of foggy atmosphere and the little bullfrog folks were croaking up a mildly raucous symphony. +R 🙂  See you again soon. 🙂

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08.24.2013 Podisus-the Predatory Stink Bug

I took a bit of license with the title.  Our subject is actually “a” Podisus Predatory Stink Bug.  There are around 5000 species of stink bugs in the world with about 550 species in the U.S. and, so far, 3 … Continue reading

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08.21.2013 Poor Farm Swamp with a Moonstar

This was not what I planned.  But the swamp was giving off a bit of ground fog as the evening cooled so a sharp moon was not in the offing. I rarely crank it up to f/22 but I thought … Continue reading

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08.19.2013 Thistlebloom Farm

I have driven by this spot hundreds of times over the years and always wanted to make an image but never saw the right conditions.  That changed Sunday morning.  I would usually go somewhere that is all nature, but a … Continue reading

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08.18.2013 Return to Harkness Pond

Not exactly “Return to Mayberry”, but in some ways it was like old times.  Once again, the pond was foggy and I couldn’t resist another tree in the fog image.I had hoped for a sunrise from the far end, but … Continue reading

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