07.29.2013 Foggy Harkness Pond with a Tansy intro

Saturday morning I headed to Harkness Pond in my hometown which is also the site of an old farm, Wentworth Farm, which is now a conservation area.  I was hoping to photograph Tansy but arrived a few days too late.  This has been such an odd year with endless rain one week followed by endless 90°+F/32°+C  so basing flowering times on previous years just is not working.  Even the blueberry field where I pick is way ahead and the berries are overripe.  Here’s a Tansy from the archives.Tansy-081411-800FBBut, this post says we are to see fog.  It was quite foggy and I had noticed this particular maple one autumn but was not successful at that time.  In fog it works a lot better.Harkness-Pond-072713-800WebI am pretty pleased with that.  I tried several compositions but this works the best, I think.  The mood is carried and it would have been ok with someone fishing from the point but I am happier without.  I know a current trend is to have a person in the landscape but it is not my taste.  I’ll leave that for another photographer.



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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20 Responses to 07.29.2013 Foggy Harkness Pond with a Tansy intro

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Oh I really like this fog shot Steve and looks great with no people.


  2. Sandra says:

    A rather good example to show that monochrome sometimes works even better than colour. Very moody, very calm atmosphere.


  3. Andrew says:

    You know already that I think the foggy pond is a wonderful shot. Who needs people in a picture? The Tansy is lovely. I haven’t seen one in years. I’m not surprised flowering times are all wrong. The gods are not happy with what we are doing to the planet.


    • Thanks, Andrew. I’ve nothing against repetition. 🙂 I first heard of Tansy reading Shakespeare, I think. Ever since then I have found it a very attractive plant and, as it grows by roadsides and paths, quite accessible too. 🙂
      Yes, I do believe they are not happy and I expect it will get worse. Actually, I do not expect to see better in my lifetime, unfortunately. 😦


  4. Lovely. I know the place well, and this photo really captures it. Much better without a person.


  5. Both very good photos, and looking good together.


  6. A tree reflected in the pond’s water shrouded in mystery in the calmness of early dawn. I really, really like this photo. I just like photos that are shot in foggy conditions.

    The photo of the tansy is excellent- and certainly would would be a stunning framed print to hang on one’s wall.

    That reminds me that I have grow nursery purchased tansy in the past and it did pretty good here in the Texas heat. I need to see about obtaining some next spring.


  7. Happy fog to you. There can be magic in the soft and subdued. I wish we had more fog to play with here in Austin, but it’s rare.


    • We are pretty fortunate to have as much moisture in the air as we do, Steve. Lately every morning has started with a bit of fog which really gives the day’s beginning a nice feel.


  8. Steve I never want people in my pictures either!


  9. Office Diva says:

    Very lovely…..it’s a very peaceful and calming photo. I think fog is very fascinating…..as Wildflower Steve said up there somewhere, we don’t see much fog here in Texas……makes me wish we had more of it! However, even if we did and I went venturing out in it for some Gingold-esque photography, with my luck a person with a fishing rod or a whole herd of them would come endlessly traipsing through my shot and ruin the whole thing. Ah well. So glad that I can just enjoy this photo when I am wishing for a misty moisty morning.


    • Gingold-esque….a new photographic term. I like it. But will it catch on?

      There are a lot of very nice images with a fisherperson or canoeist or whatever and I have no quarrel there. As long as it isn’t someone dumping a body. But in my images I prefer the sense of wildness as much as possible…even somewhere that has a population nearby. One of my favorite images by a famous photographer has a couple of trees and a bright orange sunrise fog and nothing else. It looks so remote and peaceful. He mentions that when the fog lifts it is a busy beach with a city across the water. Great disguise there. 🙂

      I hope one of these days you get that misty moisty morning.


  10. Just Rod says:

    I love foggy/misty shots, this one is superb. I think a fisherperson would make this feel sentimental – the landscape is all I need.


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