07.01.2013 The name is Frog….Bull Frog. :-)

So here is a break from the Maine photographs and a delay on the water I promised although if there is a bullfrog then there is water nearby.  I like bullfrogs…really like bullfrogs.  Can’t say for sure why.  It might be their beatitude, the way they can send a resounding croak across a swamp or pond, the pop-eyes or that they are just plain green.  Or maybe it is just because I like all frogs.  Whatever the reason, I really enjoyed this encounter.  If you get down low and approach slowly it is possible to get very close. 🙂Bullfrog-Closeup-062913-900FBSo…who wants to see if he is really a prince? 🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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19 Responses to 07.01.2013 The name is Frog….Bull Frog. :-)

  1. tomwhelan says:

    Love the low angle and the face details – you must have been right down in the mud at the water’s edge!


  2. Andrew says:

    I don’t know of anywhere I could get so close to a Chinese Bullfrog. The eye is amazing.


  3. What a sight for sore eyes. Prince, I mean Mr Frog, doesn’t even look real. He could pass for a frog figurine. I can still hear the bull frogs croak form memory when I was growing up on the farm. That sound was standard music in the summer.


    • There are at least hundreds if not more in this pond and once they get going it is a cacophony of croaks, Yvonne. I’ve gone to this swamp pond many times over the years and they are always out in warm weather and filling the air with their sounds.


  4. Lottie Nevin says:

    What an extraordinary photograph. I for one would be prepared to take up the challenge to see if he really is a prince – I’ve kissed enough toads ( my darling Irishman excluded of course!)


  5. Who can’t love a face like that! 😉


  6. sschaenzerwp says:

    I just love the clarity and detail of the eye 🙂
    I somehow wished I was the frog and could be turned into something else 😦


  7. penpusherpen says:

    ok, ok, I shall try it Steve, but only if you’re sure I won’t be the one to change 😦 ribbett!!
    actually he looks gorgeous.and what a fantastic expression. Royal disdain? xPenx


    • Oh Pen, I would never want you to change. Although becoming a lovely frog princess with nothing to do but sit on a pad and catch flies does sound like a pleasant life….until a Heron comes a calling. It could be royal disdain but I am thinking nonplussed calm bordering on rananirvana. 🙂


  8. Greg Russell says:

    Gorgeous image, Steve!


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