05.01.2013 Painted Trillium in Monochrome

I said I’d post a color image next, but that was followed by a challenge by one Ms. Lottie who said flowers should be in color.  While I certainly can’t argue that the colors of flowers are beautiful, it is one of the reasons I photograph them, some just do look good with no color and processed so the shapes and textures are standing on their own.

So here are my entries into the category as suggested by good Sir H.

As always, please click for a larger view.Painted-Trillium-1-BlogPainted-Trillium-2-BlogI once had another photographer ask why would anyone convert a painted trillium to black and white.  They are gorgeous flowers with beautiful color, but their textures and wavy petals just show even better in grayscale.   That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. 🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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24 Responses to 05.01.2013 Painted Trillium in Monochrome

  1. Bravo Steve. I love these. You know I’m a black and white freak and these are just superb. Tough to make this call but I think I’m going with the second because of the pure black background. I like the first though so I may change my mind!


  2. Absolutely agree with you about the monotone of this flower. Spectacular sp? Anyhow I would imagine you’ve sold this one as a print. If you haven’t then I hope that you allow this one to be shared with admirers of your work


  3. sschaenzerwp says:

    It works fantastic in monochrome and I actually prefer it to the coloured version! B&W rocks, we just need to be able to see it.


    • Thanks, Sandra. Seeing it is the hard part and I have not achieved a comfort zone in looking for black and white images. Every once in a while I know from the start, but often it requires taking a look later to see if it works. It is definitely an acquired vision for me.


  4. Andrew says:

    This is indeed true art. I also vote for number 2. It remains my favourite image of yours Steve and I think I need one for the wall. Who needs colour?


  5. Lottie Nevin says:

    I eat my petals, I eat my petals, I eat my petals. Ok, I take it all back…these are magnificent! 😀


  6. I am a huge fan of B&W photography. It’s somehow more pure to me. As stunning as color is, I find that it can often distract the viewer’s eye from many amazing details. Details that you only really see when you remove the color. As you say the textures and waves are definitely more apparent in your very cool shots. Also, those amazing little pinstripes. Fabulous!


    • Oh boy…I really dropped the ball on this one, Intricate Knot! I haven’t seen a post from you in ages, but I hope this gets through to you over the interweb.
      Thanks. I agree that color can sometimes hide the textures and details while overwhelming the senses with their strength and vibrance. I often prefer color, but somethings just work better in mono.


  7. Greg Russell says:

    Stunning stunning images, Steve…as always very well done! I like them both and think they’d look great as a pair.


  8. I’ll admit that these black and whites display excellent tonality and emphasize the patterns in the plants.


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