02.09.2013 Wahconah Falls Cathedral

Here we are in the aftermath of Winter Storm Nemo and I am stuck at home recovering from the flu.  I just don’t seem to be in sync with this Winter and every time we have a nice weather event I am otherwise disposed.  It is also quite windy and most of the snow is out of the trees by now.

A few weeks back I visited Wahconah Falls again and found a waterfall cathedral.  Just my name for this phenomenon, I have no idea if anyone else calls it by cathedral, but it reminds me of Monet’s Rouen paintings.  I have seen similar views at some other waterfalls in other years.  I like the complexity and chaotic organization.  We have had a warm enough winter that I was happy to find this after a few very cold days.  I hope you like the view.



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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12 Responses to 02.09.2013 Wahconah Falls Cathedral

  1. Wow!!! That is REALLY BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen a PIC THAT before.I hope you are recovering ok from the flu, You don’t take the flu vaccine?


    • Thanks Yvonne. Yes, I do get a vaccine every year, but there are some strains that get through. They say the booster reduces the effect of whatever gets through. I’ve never had one that lasted as long and was as strong as this. And it could have been worse? But I am getting better and cleaning up after Nemo gets a good sweat going. 🙂


    • Hi Yvonne.
      I just wanted to reply to your blog in the one way I know how now…..and I do hope you see this. I am sorry you are closed for comment. I know I did not comment as often as I might, but it was not out of indifference (although the last time I did you called me Judy 🙂 🙂 ). There are many blogs I follow and do not comment often (even Andrew’s). I don’t always have something to say…hence my own posts are not terribly wordy.
      It is ironic that this last post closing comments is the first that has showed up in my email notifications. At any rate, I will still be reading your posts when I can and enjoying them too. 🙂


      • Thank you Steve. It is a peculiar thing that you have not received my posts most of the time. And I dn’t hardly get anyone’s replies to comments in the nitification section. Lots of people reply to my comments and I enjoy reading the replies a lot..

        I suppose the way I worded the latest post gives the impression that I am peeved because I expect more comments. I also meant to say that I let photographers off the hook for most of you have a huge following and it is not possible to comment on all blogs. If you happend to have scrolled down to the bottom of the blog you would have seen your name there., I kept you and severaal other photographers that I like. Because when I have commented on your pic/post you have always answered me. But I think that I deleted a few people that I had not intended to delete so I will go back to the list tonight – rather this morning for it is now 1:00am. So never fear- it is not the comments per say. There are several reasons why I decided to stop the comments which do not make or break a blog. I might even stop blogging but leave the blog up for info. Just don’t really know about my feelings and blogging right now.



  2. Andrew says:

    This is an amazing scene, Steve. You can see so much in it…. cauliflower heads, jellyfish, and hiding there just out of sight, a huge love of the outdoors. I’m really sorry you and the Winter are out of synch. But things will change, there will be flowers poking up soon and your beloved Trilliums will be back to delight us. You probably didn’t notice when we skyped a few days back but hanging behind my right shoulder in the background is your wonderful Painted Trillium image, hanging on the wall. My best investment in 2012. And then of course next Winter will be around and you get another shot at the icicles. I’m looking for my own mandala by the way. Get well soon.


    • Wow, you saw the cauliflower too. 🙂
      At this point, Spring is most welcomed. The only reason I am hoping for more snow now is so we have plenty of water for Spring runoff and the farmers’ crops. Especially farmer Mary Beth’s crops.
      No, or is it yes, you are correct that I did not see it there. I will be more observant next chat. But the important part for me is your enjoyment. I am very happy about that.

      No hurry for next year’s icicles as yet. 🙂


  3. James Hunt says:

    This is lovely Steve. I do see the cauliflower, but I’m thinking forest. Trees on the brain I guess. I like your composition here a great deal. you almost filled the frame with the ice, but left the…… (don’t know what it is, the frozen stream? Whatever, to me it looks like the meadow leading up to the forest). I do hope you are feeling better, and are able to enjoy the fact that your wish for more snow sort of came true!



    • Thanks James. And more snow to boot. A nice 3″ fluffy dusting today which was very welcomed. It started falling from the trees too quickly though. I don’t blame you….trees always come to mind ahead of cauliflower. 🙂
      And thanks for the well wishes. I am starting to feel just about human.


  4. Sandra says:

    As you already know, I do like the cathedral and the pipes very much. It is a wonderful stretch of ice! Failing with the cauliflower though but this is perhaps for another reason 😉
    Get well soon!


  5. Greg Russell says:

    These are really cool phenomena, Steve. Like Andrew said above, you can visualize so many things in there…very interesting. Ice is incredible, and varying environmental conditions produce so many different types of it. It ain’t just about cold temperatures. 🙂


    • Thanks Greg. One of the books on my shelves is “Nature’s Chaos”. It is a work by James Gleick filled with images by Eliot Porter. Mostly images, fortunately for me, as the mental challenge of scientific philosophy is a little above my job description. 🙂 Any way…it is a favorite book and encourages me to look for the chaotic and try to portray it in a meaningful visual way. Ice gives me a great resource from which to draw inspiration. Much like the sandstone features of the Southwest that you capture so well and that I am looking forward to visiting. 🙂


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