12.19.2012 Mount Monadnock and North Quabbin

At some point I will post a couple of images from my New Hampshire trip in early October, but here are two from October 20.  For a nice change, we had decent foliage this year here in Western Massachusetts and this particular day was pretty productive.

New Salem has a few nice vantage points for viewing the north end of Quabbin. I posted one from an orchard previously on 11.28 here: https://sggphoto.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/11-28-2012-sunrise-subtlety/ This first spot has a nice view northward toward Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire….about a 35 mile distance or so.  I have several images at various times during the year from here and it is a favorite early morning visit.Mount-Monadnock-from-New-Salem-102112-1000FB

The other spot in New Salem is behind the fire station and offers a nice panorama.  I chose this view with a fairly dramatic cloud framed by some trees.North-Quabbin-2-102012-800FB

Thanks for checking these out.  I will post a few more in the coming days.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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10 Responses to 12.19.2012 Mount Monadnock and North Quabbin

  1. Andrew says:

    These are pretty special, Steve. You are fortunate indeed to have such magnificent expanses to feed the eyes and soul.


    • Thank you, Andrew. I guess one can get a bit jaded when living with these scenes, but we are really fortunate to have the land light up for us this way. And the last several years have been not as colorful so it was a real treat this year.


  2. Beautiful scenes in your state. The green of the conifers made a nice contrast in first picture.
    The second picture is perfecty framed by a tree on each side. And, the clouds made this scene special.


  3. Greg Russell says:

    Gorgeous images, Steve. I was shooting some mountain images the other day and realized it was tough to find an open area in the trees to shoot the vast expanse. I wonder if you have that problem, of if your landscape lends itself more towards “openness.”


    • Thanks Greg. We have a few spots here but for the most part the vistas are more cluttered…..and developed. Northern Vermont and New Hampshire along with Maine allow for a bit more openness than in Western Mass.


  4. Great views and images. I like that you don’t amp up the saturation.


  5. tomwhelan says:

    Both looks great, but I love the layered look of the first one. The shadow across the middle adds a lot. I don’t add saturation pretty much at all there days – a midtone contrast adjustment to make colors more vivid, maybe.


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