02.03.2012 Award News

I am very pleased to say that I have received an Honorable Mention in the Flora and Macro category for the 2011 submissions.  You can see the page with my image here and all the winners can be seen here.

Naturescapes.net is a fine site with many members posting thousands of images each year.  It is very gratifying to have one of my images selected among all those superb nature photography pictures.

Please click the image for a larger view.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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19 Responses to 02.03.2012 Award News

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Wow, Steve, that is fantastic! Congratulations! Spectacular shot! LOVE the image title, the composition and the soft background. Well deserved accolade! 🙂


  2. pj says:

    Congratulations Steve. It’s well-deserved recognition indeed. It’s a mighty fine image.


  3. It’s great that you managed to keep all parts of the caterpillar so sharp; I know how hard it is to do that. Good for you.

    Steve Schwartzman


  4. Sharon says:

    Congratulations Steve. I looked at your shot on naturescapes where I could see it larger. I’m so impressed. I would like to get a macro lens. I like how sharp the caterpillar is and the wonderful bokeh behind it. Those little red knobs are so cool on it’s head (I guess its his head. :-))



    • Thank you Sharon. I appreciate that. Yes, that is it’s head and I guess evolution put them there to appear, possibly, as lady bird beetles and a discouragement to predators. Doesn’t work on the tachnids though.
      BTW, if you click the image it’s just as large as Naturescapes and a bit larger file than there as they limit the size. Sorry. I usually mention to click the image but forgot. I’ll correct that.
      Thanks again.


  5. I first saw it in NatureScapes but did not make the connection to you. Congratulations on a well deserved honor!


  6. I think the judging for the contest may have been unfair to you because the winning picture in the macro category was artificially set up, particularly by having artificial rain. I don’t know what the rules allowed, but it seems there should have been a separate category for staged or otherwise manipulated scenes.

    Steve Schwartzman


    • Thanks for the support, Steve. It’s hard for me to argue the point either way. Taking a spray bottle is not an uncommon strategy in photography and the use of his flashes was superb. While I would certainly have been happy to be the winner, I find his shot very good and his plan of action admirable. When I look at several of the shots in all the categories, I feel that those folks actually put a lot more into the images than I did. When I complain, it involves the harming of the subject…say picking a flower or mushroom or baiting a wildlife/bird subject. One well-known macro photographer will pick something, say a skunk cabbage leaf, and use it as a background if he doesn’t like what Nature has provided. That I would complain about.


  7. tomwhelan says:

    Congrats, Steve! It’s a super image.


  8. Congratulations, Steve!

    Sorry to be so late w/this comment… adjusting to new schedule (up way early on Sundays) is taking over at the moment.

    Quite a breathtaking image!


  9. Greg Russell says:

    Congratulations Steve! This is a very well-deserved honor that couldn’t go to a nicer guy.


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