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01.29.2012 Frozen Bubbles

I’ve posted images from Hop Brook in Belchertown.  This is my first from Hop Brook in Amherst. During our warm temperatures lately, the top of the frozen brook melted leaving a layer of water above the ice. When the water … Continue reading

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01.17.2012 Ice has a mind of it’s own…well not really.

One of my favorite collections of photographs is Eliot Porter’s “Nature’s Chaos” and I think there may some chaos at play with these icicles.  It would certainly be interesting to watch these shapes develop…but I’m not all that fond of … Continue reading

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01.14.2012 Paul Nicklen TED Talk

I had seen a couple of TED talks before and they are most impressive and thought provoking in many varied fields. After seeing this episode I decided to share it on my blog for anyone with an interest in Nature … Continue reading

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01.04.2012 Star in an Algal Galaxy

Many thanks to Steve Schwartzman for putting the idea of algae into my head. Today started out at 6°F and I was planning on finding some nice ice subjects, but two of the usual brooks I go to had lots … Continue reading

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1.3.2012 Two Different New Year’s Days

New Year’s Day 2012 was very different from the prior year.  Last year I visited Bear’s Den in New Salem and enjoyed some real icy treats on a very cold day.    Here’s one of my favorite images from 2011. Please … Continue reading

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