06.12.2011 A rainy view of Quabbin Valley

A bit of blogger’s license taken with the title I guess.  For any reader unfamiliar with the story, the Quabbin Reservoir exists after the taking and razing of four towns (Enfield, Dana, Prescott and Greenwich) in Massachusetts in the 1930’s for flooding and providing Boston with drinking water.  Homes and businesses were destroyed, cemeteries moved and all residents forced to relocate.  So what once was a valley is now a body of water.

Ordinarily I visit the Quabbin by hiking through one of the more than 50 gates that were at one time country roads, many of which disappear into the water and, a few of which, resurface at the other side.  However, today was rainy and a bit windy so I drove through the Park instead.  At Enfield Lookout, I saw this scene and thought it made a good mood piece for the story.  Many images exist from this spot of colorful days throughout the seasons, but I think this is fitting as well.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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8 Responses to 06.12.2011 A rainy view of Quabbin Valley

  1. 57andrew says:

    Very moody and beautifully processed. I’d love to see some better weather shots.


  2. Greg Russell says:

    Gorgeous image, Steve. Interesting to hear about your area’s history here. Sounds a lot like our own Glen Canyon Reservoir, which was once Glen Canyon, flooded to “bank” water for the west, as well as to provide hydroelectric power. No towns were lost, but some of the most spectacular canyon country in the entire Southwest was.



    • sggphoto says:

      Thanks Greg. Yes, they are similar, although from what I read Glen Canyon’s effect is becoming less of an asset and starting to diminish in it’s useful value, making it’s taking all the more galling for you in the west. The Quabbin has had some defects develop over the years that were able to be rectified, thus leaving it’s negatives mostly what they were at the start.


  3. jameshuntphotography says:

    Nice shot here. I know how difficult that shot is because of the woods at the bottom of the frame. I think you have the perfect balance here. A long lens? Well done.


    • sggphoto says:

      Thanks James. Yeah, that is a tough spot. I’ve always meant to bring a ladder and stand on top of the van, but never remember.
      This was shot with the 70-200@122.


  4. The dramatic effects of “bad” weather have been what landscape photographers have sought ever since John Szarkowski declared that the main subject of much of Ansel Adam’s work was the weather. Here you have honored the tradition well with your own dark, moody scene. It is great as is.


    • sggphoto says:

      Thank you, David, for taking a look and your generous comments. I have not read much of Szarkowski,(I guess I should) but I have always felt that bad/changing weather offers us many fine opportunities to create interesting images.


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