06.05.2011 Hop Brook Cascades and Waterfall at Holland Glen part two

Following up from my previous post:

A very short walk from the crossing is a cascade that in the Spring seems like it might be the Waterfall.

Please click the image for a larger view.

Just to the right is the beginning of a small climb that leads to the waterfall and then on to a more woodsy hike through Pelham and into Shutesbury.

About a 1/4 mile or so we can hear the waterfall and it soon appears on the left.

The next images are some different angles and views of the falls.

Thank you for bearing with me and taking this tour.  There’s a lot more to the hike, but this is about the water.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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12 Responses to 06.05.2011 Hop Brook Cascades and Waterfall at Holland Glen part two

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  2. Alister Benn says:

    A very enjoyable series… if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the first, a great composition, nice light and well-balanced.


    • sggphoto says:

      Thanks for viewing and the comment, Ali.
      A question…do you think I should post smaller thumbs? WP doesn’t allow me the latitude in sizing that I would like. Medium, especially the verticals, usually looks too small for anyone who isn’t going to click the image and large seems just too big.
      Anyone else who happens along…please feel free to chime in as well.


  3. juanli says:

    These are really lovely images of this beautiful location, I think the size of image looks just fine with the way you arrange them.


  4. Greg Russell says:

    Really gorgeous images, Steve. I really am impressed by the diversity of “clean” waterfalls you’re able to shoot in your neck of the woods. Here in the West, the ideas of water and “waterfalls” are much different due to the large scarcity of water. If I ever find myself in western Massachusetts, it will be tough to figure out which waterfalls to shoot first!


    • sggphoto says:

      Thanks Greg. Yes, we are pretty fortunate here in the Northeast to have so many waterfalls. Most are clean, but being located in the woods can change that pretty quickly. Several I visit now have trees that have fallen across them and I don’t expect them to be removed any time soon. But there are always the cascades and other water features. We are lucky to have a lot more water here than you are able to find in the Southwest.
      If you are ever hereabouts, I’ll be glad to give you a personal tour of the various waterfalls.


  5. I have enjoyed looking at this series of waterfalls and like them all. My favorite is the second one because it gives the falls a bit of context, variety of color, places it and helps the image stand out from other waterfall photographs. I usually re-size blog images in Photoshop before uploading them to the blog. That way they can be any size I like, rather than relying on WP’s presets. Hope that helps if you want to go to the extra trouble, which does take time.


    • sggphoto says:

      Hi David
      Thanks for coming along on the hike. I’m glad you enjoyed the images and appreciate your input on the second image and sharing what it’s appeal is for you..
      Great suggestion and thank you. It’s not all that much extra work as I have an action a friend created for resizing and sharpening to various web sizes. I’ve been sizing the longest side to 1200 px for the full size, but will try your suggestion. Many thanks.


  6. Beautiful series of waterfalls. No. 3 is my favorite.


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