04.04.2014 A nameless brook in the Quabbin watershed

Well, my last post was a flop and has now entered the bits and bytes stream of recycled data.  I haven’t done away with the image, just the evidence. :-)  Maybe it will reappear some day.

This morning I went scouting for a sunrise composition for tomorrow or Sunday and while walking the edge of the Quabbin found this little stream which shows up on maps but I find no name for it even on the Quabbin map itself.  But the light was nice and the flow great so even without a name it has a few moments of internet fame….I hope.Gate-5-Brook-040414-800WebMaybe tomorrow I’ll have a shot from the other direction with some dawn color.

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04.01.2014 Porter’s Keystone Bridge

I think I posted a shot of this bridge a few years ago.  It’s sort of an icon around here for Quabbin photographers.  So here’s one more.  It’s pretty impressive, hand built by one man, Adolphus Porter, back in the days when handwork was honored and, seeing its longevity, with good reason.  Porter was obviously a craftsman.  Of course, it only sees the occasional state maintenance vehicle now so little traffic beside humans, but still quite a feat.Porter's-Bridge-800Web-2I hope you have been enjoying the black and white offerings.  It is something I am thinking in more and more.  However….with Spring almost here, besides the calendar saying so, I am quite eager to start sharing some floral colors.  Shan’t be long. :-)

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03.30.2014 Single Birch in the North Quabbin

Rainy, moody and colorless day today.  Monochrome fits.A-single-white-birch-surrounded-by-evergreens-800Web

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03.25.2014 Valley View

I’m still here.  The last few weeks have found me to be very unmotivated.  One thing I did accomplish was to be selected into a juried competition in Monson, MA.  My Frosted Lotus in Autumn is hanging on a wall at the Art Barn of the Monson Arts Council.  I’ll find out Saturday (3/29) how it fared.

I manged to get out Sunday for sunrise.  I wasn’t sure what would happen as the moon was obscured by a thick haze, but sometimes that condition can lead to some nice pastel skies.  Here’s what happened.New-Salem-Dawn-032314-900Web-2a

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03.03.2014 The Murph

Introducing Murphy, dapper man about the house and sleepy hound.Murphy-030314-800Web


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03.01.2014 -2°F can be your friend

Some things just aren’t going to be happening above freezing.  And then there are things that don’t happen above 20°.  The closer we get to zero, the better the chance for hoar frost.  So, despite the fact that I cried UNCLE!!! a few days ago, this morning’s cold was welcomed as an opportunity for something crisp and frosty.  Maybe the last time all year.  March should not be this cold, but the weather has become anything but usual so who knows.

Upon arrival at the Middle Branch of the Swift River I noticed these snow capped rocks and some wisps of stream smoke.  I set up on an ice shelf and composed this scene.Middle-Branch-of-the-Swift-River-030114-800WebI noticed a couple of other compositions I liked and as I shifted my weight a bit the shelf I was standing on broke into two pieces floating into the scene underneath the shelf surrounding the foreground rock.  Bummer.

Onto the frost.  Here’s something simple and to the point. Hoar-Frost-3-030114-800WebBy this time the Raynaud’s was kicking in so I was getting ready to leave when I saw this rock with its surrounding frost and ice.Hoar-Frost-2-030114-900WebI think it is my favorite of the day with the nice sheen on the ice and the crispy crystals.

Just dropping into the 20′s tonight after hitting 32° this afternoon, so who knows whether any frost will remain tomorrow.

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02.24.2014 At the request of Mr. Ha, more sunrise images

Ask and ye shall receive…well, if I can most often but not always. :-)

So after I posted yesterday’s picture here, I then posted it on FB followed buy another from yesterday’s wonderful sunrise.  Andrew likes it even better and requested that it be published here as well.  What with him being such a kind soul, I could not deny him so here it is.  A much better posting on the blog as the resolution and compression are dealt with much better by WP than FB.  Here is the sunrise that followed yesterday’s posting.  Please click for a larger image.Sunrise-from-Pelham-Overlook-2-23-2014-900WebAnd, here’s a bonus shot from my arrival.  This time a few minutes prior to yesterday’s posted image.Sunrise-from-Pelham-Overlook-2-23-2014-1024WebAs you can see, I am experimenting with frames for the web.

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