12.08.2014 Turbulence

A different section of Dean Brook.

Dean-Brook-Pratt-Corner-Raod-120714-700Web70-200, f/16@1.3sec.

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12.07.2014 May Day

I am tired of the cold and damp already.  I’ll make the best of it, but May can come along any time it is of a mind to.  Yesterday was a chilly mixed precipitation day.  Today is cool with strong winds……bare trees and mud abound.

So my todaydreams will resemble this Spring view more than a snowy meadow or quiet woods with frosted trees.

Rainy-day-at-stream-across-from-gate-52-2-051306-700WebThis little vernal stream runs down the hill across from Gate 52 in Quabbin Park.  In the Spring, besides the skunk cabbage here, there is also a large number of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, False Hellebore and several varieties of ferns.

Have a fine Sunday everyone. :-)




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12.06.2014 There’s always one

Besides Monarch butterfly larva, milkweed is a hangout for a couple of other insects, including a variety of Milkweed Longhorn species, the larva of the Milkweed Tussock moth and Milkweed Bugs.   This image is of the bugs ( Oncopeltus fasciatus) sunning themselves and staying warm on a cool morning in early October.

Large-Milkweed-Bugs-sunning-100814-800WebOne just has to want to go in the opposite direction as all the others.  Along the right is a larva.

In case you are wondering about the Milkweed Longhorn clan, here is one shy and dewy  Tetraopes species.

Milkweed-Longhorn-070812-800FBThey drop at the hint of approach and, when picked up, sometimes give out with an audible squeak.

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12.05.2014 Once more from Owens Pond

Here’s one more shot from another favorite place in town.  It’s the same day as this one but with a greater emphasis as the tree and point and a little more subdued over all.


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12.04.2014 Frosty Bubbles with a Needles Chaser

Despite my ongoing complaint about cold weather, some of my favorite images come from the freeze.  I found these bubbles in the ice along the Middle Branch of the Swift River which feeds into the Quabbin Reservoir.  It wasn’t quite as cold as when my knees stuck to the frozen pond, but cold enough to suspend the bubbles on their way down stream.

Bubbles-and-Frost-2-700webBasically this is naturally a monochrome and I considered converting it, but I really like the inclusion of color from the pine needles.  Looking at it in mono just turns them into blah distractions.

No issues with anyone else having this image, I don’t think.  :-)

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12.03.2014 A popular tree

I’ve photographed this dead tree in Poor Farm Swamp a few times over the years.  I’ve never seen another photographer looking at it and haven’t seen any other pictures of it.  But after posting this on Facebook, I was told it could be the most photographed tree in Amherst.  I had no idea.  I try for original shots and what I liked here was the light and the sky.  Oh well….ignorance is bliss.

Poor-Farm-Swamp-120114-700WebThere is an ongoing and probably unending debate among photographers as to whether the repeated photographs of the same subject is plagiarism or free expression of what one sees and our own way of portraying our own vision of that subject.  I vacillate between both positions.  Obviously, I was not trying to copy anyone here as I did not know anyone else has done this.  OTOH, I have shot it enough times to figure it must appeal to others.

Now to find those pictures.

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12.01.2014 Don’t trust the Weather Forecast

When I read the forecast this morning, it said we were overcast with a cloudy day ahead.  Fortunately, I went outside with Murphy and saw that…get ready for a shock…the forecast was wrong.  The sky was filled with high thin clouds and there were stars visible.  If I based my plans on the weather guess I would have missed a nice dawn sky.  I’ve been nursing back spasms for that last several days and haven’t been out to shoot in over a week.  I could have just decided to give it one more day’s rest.

South-Maple-Dawn-1b-120114-700WebNot much of a hike involved…just a drive to a Hadley, MA farm.


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