10.12.2014 An island in the light

We often say that photography is all about the light.  And quite often it is although often it is about the subject and I’ll shoot it whether the light is great or not so much.  This is bout the light.  :-)

The shoreline of Quabbin is lined with a great number of these small islands, many of which I believe to be leftover rock piles and sandbars from the preparation of the valley before the flooding started.  This particular spot was a second visit for me and I found the conditions a bit better….less wind and nice color.  The water level was lower which made getting to my spot easier.  When the level is this low, sometime one can find a few fish nests, sunken circular areas where the water generally would be deeper, and having said that I should have photographed one to share.  Next time.

It was a cool morning after a relatively warm day and there was some nice low lying fog over parts of the water.Island-in-nice-light-Gate-27-101014This is a long exposure of 13 seconds at f/16, ISO 100 with my 70-200 f/4 zoom plus a circular polarizer and a 6 stop neutral density filter on a tripod using a remote release.   WordPress is oversaturating that red tree in the upper right.  It is not quite that intense in Photoshop.

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10.11.2014 Carter Pond Rocks

Today was my second visit to Carter Pond which is within the Rock House Reservation that is a property maintained by The Trustees of Reservations and located in West Brookfield, MA.  I posted a few from here back in 2011.  Today was overcast with a light drizzle giving the pond a more subdued light than the warm sunrise of yesterday at Quabbin.

I was tempted to just stay home and keep at it with the new computer, but the foliage is not here for long so any time spent out enjoying it and making a few images is time well spent.  And, in an area like this that is surrounded by tall trees, the light is more even and balanced on a day like today.  I just had to try to keep the sky out of the image as it was white and quite distracting.

I find these rocks quite interesting.  The pine tree is growing on the backside of the left rock and who knows how successful it will be, but I have seen some trees grow a long root that goes down ledges to the ground so who knows.  It may outlast me.Carter-Pond-Rocks-and-Foliage-101114-600WebI also explored the rocks that give this property its name (which was a challenge for a claustrophobic like me…think something akin to a slot canyon), but haven’t got a handle yet on how I wish to photograph it.  One day soon, though.  This link will give you an idea.  See the 3rd and 4th pictures down.

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10.09.2014 Foliage Cove

I try to visit this spot every year and most times the images are pretty similar.  Once in a while there is some low fog along the shoreline and sometimes, when I am lucky which I was not yesterday, there are puffy clouds.  Clouds or not, fog or not, I like this spot and always look forward to visiting.  It’s the site of the former Morton Pond in the former town of Enfield.  When viewing the Quabbin map, it is interesting to look at the various areas that make up the reservoir and see the names of ponds that are no longer.  Of course, the same can be said for the submerged towns.

So here is an image of the spot that I call Foliage Cove.  Others may call it by another name.Foliage-Cove,-Quabbin-100914-600WebWhen the low sun hits the trees they seem on fire.  I looked at a little desaturation, but that takes away the strong sense of color that shines from these trees in the morning light.  Also, I am getting a feel for how I want to calibrate my display.  I created a new profile but will probably need to tweak it a few times.  Feel free to pass along your feelings about the appearance of the color, saturation and brightness…especially if your monitor is calibrated.  Thanks.

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10.06.2014 North Dana

One of the four towns that were flooded to create Quabbin Reservoir and supply Boston and vicinity was Dana.  This area, which is inside Gate 37, is North Dana although there is little to indicate that people once lived here.  I haven’t explored this area very much, but the little I have seen has no cellar holes or stone walls.  There must be some so maybe I just haven’t walked in the right places.

This morning was quite foggy again.  By the time I walked in, most of the fog was dissipating, but there was still enough to give some muting effect to the bright sun that was just peeking above the tree line to the east.  I wanted to line up the foliage so there was a contrast between the stronger and foggy colors but there was this rock.  I decided to have it out of the reflected shadow and try to use it as a foreground element.  It is kind of obvious that this was intentional, but it had to go somewhere and it was too big for me to lift it out of there….not to mention that the DCR frowns on us wading.

North-Dana-view-100614-600WebFor a change, I shot this with a prime.  Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 85mm, B+W Circular Polarizer, f/16@1/10 sec, ISO 100 upon a Gitzo GT3542XLS Tripod with a Kirk BH-1 ballhead, remote switch.

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10.5.2014 Quietude

Here is a little peace and quiet from this morning at the Quabbin Reservoir.  It was a bit breezy, so I did a long exposure of 13 seconds with a six-stop neutral density filter to give the water a nice smooth effect.


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10.04.2014 Moody Bridge Road

Slim pickin’s today.  The light and color was nice on Moody Bridge Road in Hadley for about 5 minutes, then the sky closed, turned gray and the light went flat.  I then drove up to Ashfield and Bear Swamp, but by the time I got there it was raining in addition to thick fog.  I hiked a bit, got wet and didn’t see anything that said “take me”.

So here is an image that I grabbed in Hadley while I could.  I crossed half way through a hay field (fortunately it was recently cut) to get to this point with the “sun” rising behind the trees and a bit of color in the sky.  This is a ditch moving through the field.  Last year I fell in and lost a lens cap for my rented Zeiss 21.  This year I was smarter and stayed on this side.  :-)

Moody-Bridge-Road-sunrise-100414-600WebThe rest of today will be spent moving as much as I can to an external, that I just formatted clean, so all will be prepared for the arrival of the Puget on Monday.  Hopefully I won’t be offline too long.

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10.03.2014 Owens Pond yet again

I had to be around the house this morning while Mary Beth travels, so I just made a quick trip to Owens Pond to see what the foggy conditions had to offer.  There wasn’t quite as much color as I had hoped for, but I think just the one tree stands out on its own and makes for a good shot.  Owens-Pond-100314The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, but I hope to get out a little bit.  We’ll see.

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